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Happy to be in kamado land


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Hello -

  I really like all kinds of cooking but my appreciation for grilling comes from my dad.  I've been grilling on my own for more than 30 years, as a casual, spare time thing.  I've finally gotten to the point I want better temperature control when I cook on the grill, so I'm going to retire my boxy Royal Oak grill and purchase a Char Griller Akorn. 

  I was actually eyeing the Portable Kitchen grill but I got used to the height of the Royal Oak which was like working at a stove.  Earlier this summer, when I noticed the Akorn at my local WalMart it was a revelation, it just checked several boxes.  The grill sits high in the Akorn and everyone says it retains heat like an oven.  I was pretty much sold right then but after plenty of internet research I'm pulling the trigger, in fact, I've ordered Chris Grove's cookbook, a grill cover, the smoking stone and the adjustable fire grate. 

  I hadn't thought about a kamado because the ceramic ones are way out of my price range, plus I need something I can move from my porch to outside but the price of the Akorn let me buy extras to go with it.  I just have to buy the actual Akorn, I'd like one of the color models but I can't justify the price when I can get a black one for $247 at WalMart. 

  I intend to get the Akorn in the next day or two and put it together once all the extras arrive, then I'll start cooking a dish at a time to get used to using a kamado. 

  I've probably gone on about this too long but this seems like a new chapter in my cooking life and I'm looking forward to it -- I'm glad this forum has a bunch of folks who can understand how I feel. 



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