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Fired up the KJ, and naturally forgot to take pics of the innards.  Basically had the heat deflector on the top grill with 5cm ceramic spacers between that & the pizza stone.  Ran it up to 270C (bit over 500F for you furriners) for about 45 mins.  BTW, I light my starters with a real torch, not those creme brulee princess toys ;) 



Measured the stone temp through the top vent with my trusty laser thermometer



Overkilled on the lubrication - flour on the peel and paper for the pizza.  Going with a basic margarita to start with.



Thanks to the above, pizza was deployed with no probs.  Snapped a wobbly shot as I was closing the lid



After about 10 mins, the following emerged



Crust was nice, maybe a bit overcooked.



Will probably get the stone hotter next time, run the internal temp up closer to the 300C - 320C and see how that goes.

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35 minutes ago, CeramicChef said:


Nice looking pie.  Kudos to ya.  


Why use starters when you have a "... real torch ..."?

Thx - the pizza was good!!!


I do warm up the charcoal with my overcompensating torch while i'm waiting for the starters to catch - don't feel like standing there for 20 mins while it catches though.


I used to use that torch to sear the outside of sous vided steaks on the gas bbq.  Now those days look like they're over so I've got to re-purpose the torch.  Here's a pic of what it would do to a steak:


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On 2017-7-4 at 7:14 PM, CeramicChef said:

Why use starters when You have a "... real torch ..."?


On 2017-7-4 at 7:40 PM, ckreef said:

That's what I was thinking. Seems a little redundant. 


Well turns out you two geniuses were right!!!!!


Lit the charcoal last night using the torch - waaaay quicker and a lot more satisfying than using the lighters.  Thanks for the tip. :) 

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On 7/4/2017 at 9:18 AM, CeramicChef said:

My Benzomatic torch takes all of 30 seconds and a canister of Propane/MAPP lasts about 15-18 months.  It's the only way to fly. 


the benzomatic torch does work well.  When i was up on near Cape Cod, I was using my Dad's benzomatic torch which worked great,

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      I have done NY style crusts successfully recently but really wanted to try my hand at achieving a Neapolitan style pizza. 
      I used the recipe found at https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pizza-and-flatbread-recipes/neapolitan-style-pizza-dough-recipe
       However, I did deviate a bit as I don’t have a scale and couldn’t measure by weight. I also used White Lily bread flour as I couldn’t track down any “00” here locally. 
      10” stone + 1” ceramic spacers (3) atop the KJ deflector. KJ big block and Togo premium as full as I could get it safely. 
      The recipe calls all’s for a surface temp of 600° and that’s most likely accurate. My first pie was a bit over cooked but still good at a surface temp of around 650°. After getting the temp down closer to 600°, they did much better. I did a Canadian bacon/shredded Italian cheese mix for my two boys, a traditional mozzarella/basil for me, and a pesto/goat cheese for my wife. Everybody was happy.  Anyway, here they are:





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      I have a Louisiana grills K24 and I am not sure if I can cook pizza directly on the heat deflector or need a separate pizza stone.  Also interested to know which side of the deflector is up for normal grilling.  Thanks!

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      Here is my go to Pizza Crust Recipe, The only fails I've had were using old yeast, so now I make sure I use good yeast and the freshest possible. I have made this about 20 times and my non-GF part of the family says its just as good as anything else and doesn't taste like cardboard. I also add herbs to the dough like Basil, Oregano etc.
      I have not made this in the Kamado Akorn (still new to Kamado) yet but it works like a charm in the oven so on the grill seems like no problem at all, this recipe works like a charm.
      Tried and True Gluten-Free Pizza Crust
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      Hello everyone, I just got an Akorn for Father's day. The kids really want pizza. I ordered the Chargriller heat diffuser and a pizza stone. Is this correct? Set the diffuser up and place the stone on the cast iron rack above the diffuser? Or does the diffuser pull double duty and I should return the stone?
      I saw video of people without diffusers setting their stones on bricks which is why I thought both would be a good idea.  We got the Akorn for $120.00 from a classified ad with 40 lbs of lump charcoal, a cover and a looftlighter so I had a bit of folding money left over for accessories.
    • By Smokingdadbbq
      Tried out a new recipe for dough this weekend that said it should be spread on a cold stone well covered in oil so we decided to give it a try when hosting a family over for lunch 
      what we ended up making was BBQ pulled pizza lol as the crust became so attached to the stone there was no getting them off 
      at least up to this point they looked good ... tell me I’m not alone with big fails lol 

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