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AZ / Wild Fire:

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Some of you know we have been dealing with a nasty fire just about 14 miles away from where my wife and I live in Prescott, Az. A lot of you have sent me notes, lifted prayers, and just been generally encouraging. This is just a note to say thank you. The winds died down a bit last week and the fire fighters started to get a handle on  what is, and has been, a really erratic and difficult fire. We are at about 75% containment today, according to this mornings paper. Thank God for firefighters, around here, and I am sure across the rest of the  West, we think of them as our Navy Seals.  They run into, not out of danger, and bravely fight a ruthless enemy on our behalf. No one in a "Hot Shot" teeshirt buys their own beer, where we live. Attached is a news clip about these heroes that just melted my heart. Please continue to pray for them, as there is still some tough fire fighting ahead due to the difficulty terrain where the fire is located. Containment just means that there is a line cut around the fire, it will most likely continue to burn until monsoon rains put it out. If the winds pick up it is also likely to jump containment and start looking for fresh fuel. Tough stuff, Fire. 



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We are at 90% containment according to this mornings paper. They caught some guy flying a drone to take pictures of the fire. They had crews on the ground but had to pull the air cover because of the drone in the air space,  leaving the crew on the ground unprotected. The guy is in big trouble, 14 felony counts of reckless endangerment, according to the paper. Go figure, they put out all kinds of warnings about air space etc. T.V., News Paper, Radio. actually been talking about the subject for weeks, even before the fire. 

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