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Boneless Butt stall?

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Long time lurker here, not a newbie to smoking meats. Anyways I've got 18 lbs of boneless Boston butts (2 - 9lbers) going on the Kamado Joe Classic. Lit the kamado at 4 am and had them on by 4:45 after stabilization and smoke burned clean at 225. They hit the stall at 165 around noon. Everything was going great and now at 4:00 PM the temp has dipped back down to 161. I've had them wrapped in foil for the past 30 mins and it's not budging.


Is this extended stall something I'm encountering because of the lack of bone? I've never cooked boneless butts before but that's all that Costco had this weekend and, due to the 3 year old being sick and trying to quarantine the 5 month old, I didn't quite plan to have the time for a large cook and shopped late.


I also just tossed on 9 lbs of Chuck roast but have never had an issue with crowding the Joe and cook times being extended.


I know they take "as long as they take" but I was hoping to rest these for a couple hours and eat like a king tonight. Any ideas?6b280bc621e63f30c169430277310f68.jpg46cb32173389e93b78402c9517580628.jpg


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7 minutes ago, Teefus said:

Perfectly Normal

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Welcome to Kamado Guru. Please stop by the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself. 


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