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Appetizer night here.....


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Since I had some serious BBQ leftovers on hand from yesterday......


Appetizer night was had tonight.


Nothing much new was needed other than some country ham slices, fresh vegetables and a batch of jalapeño pimento cheese.











Just in case everything else sucked...........I made a batch of Moinks to go with the leftover apple pie.  Insurance.





Everglades Moppin sauce in the bottom of the pan and their rub over the top.   There were zero leftover.







The tempura sweet potatoes and asparagus were the favorites.









The two types of rolls were killed in equal amounts.






Three different dipping sauces made.....







One was the clear favorite......








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2 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

@Dub - Wow! I think it would take me all day to do that.   Every bit of it looks fantastic - but those veggies are calling my name. I think I would have stuffed myself with those before I got to anything else. 



Easy & fast cook.



Most everything was on hand.....all I had to do was grab some vegetables and some cheeses for the pimento cheese.   


Everything else was ready to go.   A little knife work and it was done.


I can tell you this.......sampling some cold pulled pork bark cemented my use of John Setler's pork rub on future cooks.    It is spectacular.


Outside of these two items it was simply a matter of mix an adult beverage......crank some tunes......and enjoy a day off work.



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    • By Dub
      My wife and I went out to a nearby spot that's been up and running for a few years now.
      It was our first time going, for some reason.  I guess we do more eating at home due my enjoying grilling and such.   I'm biased over my own results and have fun refining things.  
      The place had a New Orleans meets Charleston vibe going on inside.  I was instantly relaxed and enjoying the place.  More so after a well made margarita arrived.
      The menu had many things that jumped out at both of us....was difficult to zero in on any one thing.  Another margarita found me giving up and going solely with the suggestions of our waitress.
      We each ordered an appetizer and an entree knowing there'd be ton's taken home in to-go boxes.   Out of the four items served to us.....two were not to my liking at all....one was a version of bang-bang shrimp and had an overly bitter sauce heavily drenched over it.  The other fail was the daily special...fried catfish fillets......way, way too much salt in the batter.
      The two hits were her shrimp & grits (I thought they, too, were overly salty, but she was blown away) and an appetizer they called Soul Rolls.
      They essentially were fried egg rolls stuffed with seasoned collards, bacon and pimento cheese.  
      I'd seen them on the menu and right away thought they'd either be awesome or awful....no happy medium.
      The were really tasty.
      A couple weeks went by and I gave the Soul Rolls a try at home.  My son's girlfriend was over for dinner and she's not a meat-eater.  So I did some kamado pizzas and a batch of Soul Rolls cooked on the grill.  I've also done them in a small fryer and think the results were better.   Next batch I do will be done on the kamado....but directly on the pizza stone....
      I use my own collards and pimento cheese for them....and use standard egg roll wrappers and hit 'em with egg wash to seal them up.
      Bacon was cut and then crisped up after this pic...



      Grilled version....done on pizza pan layed on top of stone as it was getting up to pizza cooking temp  ~500 degrees.

      Fried version.....

      Great appetizer....easy to make.
    • By Dub
      Howdy folks....hope everyone is doing well.
      I thought I'd share a recent meal that was a big hit among the family.
      Not too long ago my wife and I had gone out to a local spot for lunch.  They had a really cool menu full of interesting selections.
      My wife went crazy over what she ordered.  Talked about it for days later, lol.
      I figured I'd let some time pass and then I'd surprise her with a redux of that same entree.....but do so at home.
      She'd been in bed all afternoon....wiped out from her radiation treatments, which have now been completed and she's doing great.   It was a nice surprise for her when she came down for dinner.  Teenage T-Rex seemed to really like it, too.
      It all started with a batch of pimento cheese.




      She loves pimento cheese and will snack on it with crackers or have it in sammiches.   I also like to use it to stuff jalapeños and grill 'em.
      This batch was first going to be used in some Soul Rolls.

      Take cooked bacon and lay a piece on an eggroll wrapper and cover with seasoned collards and pimento cheese.  Roll 'em up and fry, bake or grill.  These were fried.



      Battered up some green tomatoes and shrimp....


      Basic grits made with lots of butter & cream.

      Shrimp'n'Grits topped with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes.

      The grin on her face when she saw that plate of Soul Rolls and shrimp'n'grits was priceless.  Proud to have made this meal and make her happy.  
      Sorry that I had to rip off the restaurant, but I'd submit this version was better than theirs, lol.   I like the way I do my collards better....and their food was way more salty than I like to make it.  It took a pair of margaritas (no salt on rim) to wash away their salt lick version.  
      Thanks for looking.   It was a fine day around the house.
    • By John Setzler
      Gotta try these for your New Year's Eve party or for Game Day!
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