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My New Joe


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Finally got my new Kamado Joe Classic II all set up in it's home in Colorado. First cooked ribs, then a beer can chicken, then a Joetisserie chicken. They all came out fantastic! Now for the hard part. The Joe is set up here at our vacation home in Colorado and we are headed back to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning and won't be back here again until the end of September. I'll be cooking on a Weber Summit gas grill and a Weber kettle charcoal grill for the rest of the summer. Nice grills for sure, but I prefer the Joe!




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On 7/7/2017 at 10:25 AM, prowe said:

Real nice. I hope there are more pix of that stand to come.

Thanks Prowe. I'll try to remember to take some more pics when I am back out to Colorado in September. In the meantime, they have a lot of pictures of their tables on their website. I'm very pleased with the table. Highly recommend it.


JJGeorge Grill Tables



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18 hours ago, windnsea26 said:

I would have kept the joe for home and gas grill for vacation :)


That would have been the best option, if only I could have fit the gas grill into our luggage and onto the plane for the trip from PA to CO. Believe me, I tried! lol  But plan B was to order the Joe and the table and coordinate the delivery to a time that we were out there. What I need is a new best friend here in Pennsylvania that has a Joe and will invite us over for dinner frequently....as in almost every day!

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