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Sides.....the forgotten dish!

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So my wife called me out....when planning a 4th of July BBQ, I was prepping the menu and cook times in a notebook...Pork Belly Burnt Ends, BB Ribs, Smash Burgers, Veggies, and Hot dogs.....and then my wife asked...what sides am I making??   I guess grilled veggies! lol   (And I am happy I did not say "Who needs sides")  -- Se she threw together 2 salads and I also added corn to the grill and saved the event!   But i do tend to over look sides!   


Does anyone have simple sides they prepare alongside the big meal?  I know I see people put potatoes on the grill wrapped in some videos....but let's here some good "Go To" sides I can fall back on and look like a grill genius! :)    

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Left over pulled pork with baked beans are always a good go to with a pinch of brown sugar added in.  If in a hurry or unexpected arrivals (which happens more often than not when they see smoke coming from my back yard) I have a large can of beans in the pantry and put them on the akorn for a little different smokey flavor. Not quite homemade, but still a crowd pleaser.  As said, grilled veggies always go well as do loaded baked taters.  I like to bake them on the grill, remove middle stuff, mix with sour cream salt pepper pimento cheese, and put back on the grill. 

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I have to try some of these ideas!  Thanks!   I also saw a recipe for smashed potatoes -- where you boil a potato (25 minutes) then coat it with oil and salt...then smash it with a fork---then grill till crispy --- sounds simple yet good!   


I have to watch grilling veggies ---- i had a few zuch fall into the "volcano" .... thin pieces are not grate friendly.  I like to grill corn----but it takes up too much real estate!   Good thing Kamados stay hot for a long time.....can out things on while cooling down.   

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Sides where to start - we do sides all the time on the KK's. 


Macaroni and cheese 

Baked potatoes 

Potatoes au gratin

Twice cooked potatoes 

Hassle back potatoes 

Sizzle corn 

Grilled cabbage 



Brussel sprouts

Moink balls


Bacon wrapped tater tots

Baked beans

Dinner rolls 

Hamburg or hot dog buns

Just to name a few

Okay they all weren't true sides........ 



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Recent sides here.....



















Stuffed peppers:





Home fries:















Steamed stir fry:






Pimento cheese stuffed jalapeños:





Honey mustard grilled corn:




Steamed whatever ya got on hand:



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I am getting hungry .... you all know how to photograph food very well!   


Side note----I followed John's Smashburger video (came out great) and i did the Vidalia onions on the grill (I don't have the laser cut plate).....oh did they come great!   guest who HATES onions thanked me for making something amazing that he would have never tried.   BUT I did loose a few onions as well!  


I have seen a lot of bean recipes I have to try.  

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19 minutes ago, prowe said:

Oh, and I see youse eds red sauce. Dang I love that sauce. Gotta order more. Thanks for reminding me. Mild heat, but great flavor.




It is exceptionally flavorful !!!!


Best shrimp, oyster or clam hot sauce I've ever tried.



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Great topic, I could always use improvement on my sides.  My wife makes some great sides, but not on the KJ.  The kamado is no one-trick pony, so I really need to expand my thinking on it and not think only about the meat.  Looking forward seeing all the ideas.

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If we're showing pictures here goes a few. 


Grill cabbage 



Asparagus on Akorn Jr. 






Green bean and potatoes 



Sweet potatoes 






Mac and cheese 



Cheese cake stuffed grilled Peach 



Muffin pan potatoes 



Muffin top corn bread 



Another sweet potato cook. 



And we'll end this with straight up grilled peaches








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