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Pellet Grill- Yoder or Traeger Timberline

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I am in love with this timberline.  There have been a few growing pains with the timberline, but the good news is that it has been all controller.  They are about to release a new software version thi

Actually @Charcoal Addict The closest to a traditional smoker offset is the yoder. They use the design of their offsets to produce the closest smoke profile.     Mak is a fine grill, @rwalte

So with John and Bosco getting these pellet grills, I have been doing a lot of research and really liking what I have read so far and both these grills have me very intrigued.   I like how r

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On 12/13/2020 at 8:49 AM, SarahSimm said:

Hey guys, would you please kindly recommend me a good Traeger grill? After reading this thread I went reading more and more buying guides, and this Traeger review made me choose Traeger, but which one is better?



I know its been a while since you asked but I would recommend either the Ironwood or the Timberline. If you live in a colder climate I would say the Timberline with the added double wall insulation would be the better of the two. 

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