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    • By Marbque
      Been vacant for awhile had to make some poppers today. Used some Cattlemens tri-tip rub in the cream cheese...

    • By Marbque
      Spent some time yesterday with just the wife and I making some beef ribs on out stickburner, first time in forever that we have not had to cook for an event, so it was nice to just be able to have some hot dogs for appetizer while waiting on these beef ribs. Hope everyone’s Sunday is enjoyable and relaxing enjoy

    • By John Setzler
      Pellet grills are not typically good at searing.  The Yoder YS640 is pretty good at it.  I was impressed with the results.  
    • By John Setzler
      I just put a Boston Butt on the Yoder YS640 for an overnight cook.  I am monitoring with the FireBoard system which can be viewed live now since their last software update:  https://share.fireboard.io/506EB1
    • By John Setzler
      I bought this thing several years ago and never got around to giving it a try until today...

      I started out with 3lbs of 93/7 lean ground beef.  The Jerky Cannon came with a snack stick seasoning mix and cure that was enough for 5lbs.  I divided that out into the right quantities for 3lbs and made some flat and round snack sticks...

      After about 90 minutes on the Yoder YS640, these things had a color and texture that I really liked... I brought them in and let them cool.  They are fantastic!  I think I will try these again soon and I'll start working on my own seasoning / cure recipe to use.  I will also probably experiment with ground chicken or turkey.. maybe even ground pork loin... we''l try some different things
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