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Went to shop class....

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And....... it was AMAZING!!!!  


This was was a BBQ shop class sponsored by Traeger and the instructor was Diva Q.  I got my husband a seat for Fathers Day, but a couple of weeks later decided the older daughter and I would go to - so got two more seats and we decided to make a quick weekend getaway out of it. 


First of all, Traeger knows how to put on a class. There was a row of Yeti's in the back... and they were well stocked - with good stuff.   ;)  


Diva Q is an AWESOME lady. Super knowledgeable and really good about sharing the "why" of doing things a certain way. She knows her stuff.  And she made it a ton of fun, too.  Had a number of really good laughs over the course of the evening and learned quite a bit. She demonstrated chicken thighs, ribs, pork butt and brisket. And she wasn't shy about debunking some BBQ myths along the way - at one point when asked a question about one such myth from a participant, she asked my daughter to cover her ears and told a guy that it was total BS. Too funny.... lol










And the best part... we finally got our Timberline 1300 that we have been waiting for for months. (Felt obligated to do a pickup shot Bosco style) Giddyup......



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1 hour ago, prowe said:

Nice score on the traeger


Thanks @prowe - I'm just thankful I don't have to listen to him whine about it anymore.  He sold his other smoker right away (probably because of the beautiful detail job I did on it lol), so it's been a long wait to get this one in....

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25 minutes ago, TKOBBQ said:

Looks and sounds like a great time.  Congrats on the Traeger.


18 minutes ago, Sodaking27 said:

Looks like a great time. Congratulations on the 1300. I'm loving my 850. 


This was a great time - I would go again in a heartbeat. Really felt like I got my money's worth for sure. Highly recommend people consider going if they have the opportunity. 

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2 hours ago, bosco said:

I am very jealous!!  I would love to attend one of these!!


nice photo too!!

Definitely go if you get a chance. Worth every penny. So thankful I ended up getting a seat for myself and daughter as well. It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. And can't say enough about Diva Q...  she was the best!  

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    • By SailorDan
      I really enjoy my Traeger and plan to keep it, but I need a grill.  Is a kamado type grill overkill?
      I'm primarily looking for higher heat and the ability to sear.  Despite the convenience of gas, I'm leaning towards charcoal for higher heat and the "fire" experience.
      I don't need the low slow capability of the kamado grill, but they are catching my fancy more than a charcoal kettle grill.  I'm thinking about Costco's Pit Boss.
      Should I just save $400 and get a Webber kettle?  Or is a kamado an experience not to be missed?
    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      For Super Bowl I made some hot wings, 1/2 batch with red Sriracha glaze and other half with Green Sriracha glaze.   Cooked the wings at my hightest temp setting  on my Traeger select.    
      Very happy with recipe for glaze.    

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Today I made my first Alder Smoked Salmon on Traeger pellet smoker, grill following the recipe that came with the unit I bought from Costco roadshow. The taste was good, my wife also like the flavour and so does my eldest son.

    • By John Setzler
      I know we are all Kamado fans here at the Kamado Guru site, but I thought some of you might be interested in seeing how a pellet grill works.  

      This is my Traeger Lil' Texas Elite pellet grill that I purchased last November.  If I remember correctly this model sells for about $800 or so.  

      The pellet hopper and the control dial are located to the left side of the cooking chamber.

      I'm not sure exactly on this mode, but I think this hopper holds 12 to 13 pounds of pellets, which is more than enough for the average low and slow cook.  On the Traeger grills, they claim that you must use the Traeger brand pellets or you will void your warranty.  I haven't tried other brands yet.  The Traeger pellets run about $20/20lb bag.

      The controls for this grill are very simple.  All you have is an on/off switch and a temperature selection dial.  The 'smoke' setting is supposed to run around 180 degrees, but mine runs a little higher than that I believe.  The HIGH setting is supposed to be about 450 degrees.

      On the right side of the grill you have the grease catch bucket.

      There are five main components on the inside of the cooking chamber.  There is a vertical temperature probe on the left side.  It sits on a flange that goes all the way around the grill.  This flange holds the cooking grate.  My cooking grate on this model is about 19x22" or so.  There are two more flanges on the left and right sides below the grill flange that hold the drip pan.  This drip pan slants down to the right so that grease runs off into the grease trough on the right.  The grease exits the grill through this trough into the grease catch bucket.  The fire box is located in the bottom of the cooking chamber.  There is an auger that feeds pellets from the pellet hopper into the firebox.  There is also a fan that feeds forced air into this firebox to stoke the pellets.  There is a glow plug type device on the end of the pellet tube that heats and ignites the pellets along with the forced air from the fan.

      Here's a closer view of the firebox...

      When you turn the grill on, the auger starts to feed pellets into the firebox.  The rate at which these pellets are fed is determined by your temperature control setting.  The temp control setting also controls the fan operation.

      When the pellets ignite, you re-assemble the inside parts of the grill...

      There is a steel baffle that sits on top of the firebox to eliminate a hot spot on the grill.

      The drip pan sits in on top of the baffle.

      The the grill grate goes back in so you can let the grill warm up and start cooking.
      My experiences with this grill:
      This grill has some good points and bad points.  Like a gas grill, it fires up and is ready to cook pretty quickly.  It won't get as hot as a gas grill and, in my opinion, this grill does not get hot enough for normal high temp grilling tasks.  You aren't going to do much searing on one of these.  This grill performs really well in the 300-375 degree range.  I cooked our Thanksgiving turkey (18 pounder) on it last year and it turned out very well.  This grill does not retain moisture as well as a kamado grill.  I smoked a boston butt on this and the results were not as good as I get on my kamado.  The bark was harder and drier (I did not foil the butt, which may help.)  I believe the forced air convection in this grill prevents it from having much in terms of moisture retention.  I cooked a pan of my smoked mac & cheese on it and that came out very well.  
      This grill works well as an outdoor oven.  Not so much as a grill