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    • By Maple_Smoker
      I tried my hand again at Beef Ribs - they turned out good - very tender, nice flavour but a little dry.  I need some help on how to keep them more moist.  
      Here is what I did  - left membrane on, SPG rub, put on KJ at 275F. Left them uncovered for the entire time spritzing after a couple of hours every 45 min. I took them off when they reached 204F and probed tender (6.5 hrs) Rested in foil for 45 min. 
      Any tips on how I can make them more moist? Perhaps smoking at a lower temp? Wrapping? Appreciate any tips you can provide. 

    • By LJS
      Hi Kamado Peeps,
      Smoked some pork and beef baby back ribs in one go and then some slow cooked sausages.
      I used the 321 rib method, but shortened it as the ribs were tender enough and I did not want it to get to dry. Another successful smoke. I have not been BBQing too much as we have had several weeks of a total fire ban.  .
      Keep smoking.

    • By BrianAZ
      Is proof that God loves us. What an amazing piece of meat. 

    • By Ryno656
      Cooked some beef ribs for the first time yesterday, and they turned out fantastic. Started the Big Joe around 9am, seasoned the ribs and they went on around 10:30-10:45 after the Joe had settled in and soaked around 250-275 for a while. Temp ranged between 250-275 and settled in at 260 for most of the cook, but I did add some more chunks of post oak about halfway through since I added the first few when the grill was getting settled (so they burned off) -- rookie mistake. Spritzed with apple cider vinegar and apple juice at about the 5hr mark, just a couple times (every 45 minutes or so). Cooked for about 7-7.5 hours and probed right about 205 and buttery soft. Took them off and let them rest for 30-45 minutes while we prepared side dishes. Will definitely be doing this again!
      One thing I'd change is the 'coarse pepper' I purchased (Fiesta brand). This stuff was a bit too coarse for what I wanted and I'll go with a finer grain next time, but everything turned out great regardless.
      Also, I bought these at a local butcher in Austin, TX (Salt and Time), they were about 4.25lbs

    • By PeterRegan
      Day off tomorrow, that's dinner prepped and ready to go, exhibit A rubbed with John Henry's Stockyard seasoning, exhibit B with good ol' freshly ground pepper and kosher salt
      Now here's hoping I can keep the keg temps down and get a nice slow smoke on them.

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