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Easiest Peach Cobbler you've ever tried.


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Haver your grill or oven running steady at 350 degrees.


Works great with a wings, chicken or meatloaf recipe.


It sounds ridiculously simple......yet the results may trump yer meal.  No kidding.....that simple......yet that dang tasty.




2 cans of peaches in heavy syrup....dump them & ingredients into a 13"x9" Pyrex dish.......no need to grease.




1 box of yellow cake mix (non prepared....just the mix itself.....dump it over the contents from the peach cans).



Stir it around a bit.  Let the cake mix soak in the goodness.   


Stir up 3 eggs.  Whip 'em and drop them over the cake & peaches.


Sprinkle a cup of chopped walnuts over the mix.


Sprinkle a cup of dark brown sugar over all.


Then....slice up two sticks of butter and place over the top of the mix.





350 degree grill or oven......for 45-55 minutes.













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Other than a simple 2-egg omelette......this thing is the easiest thing I've ever made.


I'm more of a griller and indoor are mighty limited.  This dessert is one I can handle with supreme ease. :)


The kids loved it and destroyed it.  I didn't have to worry about being tempted to eat seconds myself. :good:

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