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    • By Smokin J
      Morning! 4:51 and it's almost time to get the bird in some heat. Posting as a follow along with a few questions. Outside temps are going to be below 20°F. Is there any danger to my grill with those temps? Vision you watching this? Lol
      21lbs turkey brined for 21hrs. 
      Here we go

    • By Daz
      Hi Everyone, it has been a while since my last post ( I think it was the pizza ring I made for the Akorn Kamado). Well, I finally get around to finish up the camper power box for our TempMaster controller. I found these 12V Li-ion battery packs from Amazon works great (6000 mAh for 10+ hrs) and can be charged with our AC adapter for the controller. The box now can hold the controller, battery, vent hose and 3 probes. I'll make a DIY blog on our website. It's Plano Ammo Box (Made in USA!) with cutouts on the side for hose and probes. Now you can do ribs in a weber go anywhere for 4-5 hours unattended. Let me know if you have any questions. Here in Hawaii there is no power at camp grounds, so I made this box with a 12v UPS backup battery in it to power the controller off grid. But I found I use it all the time even at home. The Lead Acid battery was heavier and required a car battery charger to charge so I didn't make it into a product. But now with the Li-ion battery this box can pack all the accessories, just grab 'n go! It's available on our website at BBQube.us
      Aloha and happy grilling!

    • By Smokin J
      Hi gang, I'm up here in Portland Maine. Excited to announce that not only am I turning 39 on March 4th, but more importantly my Jr. should be here by then. I ordered the Black model from Lowes. I also ordered the jr stone from the factory. Pics to follow of course. Interested in noting weither the construction quality is any different on the newer models. I have been lurking a bit but this is my big out. Would love to have a ceramic but right now it's not in the cards. Any links or suggestions are biggly welcomed! Thanks gang. J
    • By Improv
      My wife and I were married for nearly 10 years before having our daughter 3.5 years ago. We used to do a lot of camping in that time, but have slacked off since Becca's birth. Well, the recent Akorn Jr. acquisition and my wife's birthday weekend coincided into a lovely first camping experience for my daughter... and my grill!
      Loaded up the Element:

      We rented a log cabin to make it easy for her first time. It was lovely! Even came with a bottom barrel gasser that worked surprisingly well for keeping food warm and making bacon for breakfast.

      First order of business was a hike to the "main attraction" at Ringing Rocks... a boulder field of rocks that ring with a metallic resonance when hit with a hammer. Very fun for a percussion-loving musician such as myself:

      When we got back to the cabin, before hitting the pool [yeah, this isn't really "roughing it" kind of camping for sure], I fired up the Akorn to 200° hood temp and was amazed at how well it stayed there. It slow roasted some potatoes, braised carrots, and smoked poblanos for a few hours and budged not once that entire time with the vents set like in this pic:


      Then I kept that warm in the gasser while I cranked the Akorn up for the pre-seasoned ribeyes and red peppers. Only took about 10 minutes of lid-up time and then 10 minutes of lid down with the vents wide open to make the temperature shift:

      Sorry no pics of the steaks and peppers in action. They were on the grill all of about 2 and a half minutes! But they did turn out lovely:

      They were thin. Very tender, though, and the salt/pepper/garlic/onion/cayenne seasoning was nice. I usually just use Montreal, but I liked the salt control and longer seasoning time using my own blend.

      Birthday girl and baby girl both dug it:

      S'mores and campfire and music finished off the evening. Truly spectacular weather, a perfectly-behaved 3-yr-old, and hitting everything on our to-do list with minimal effort made for an all-around great weekend. I'm really a lucky guy. And this little grill is going to be getting our butts out into nature more often. We're ordering a family-sized tent tomorrow.

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