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3rd test drive on the Joe (Chicken)

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So yesterday i had my third go at the Kamado Joe. this time i decided to cook a chicken "Portuguese Style" 

as i would call it "Frango no Churrasco". I used one of the deflector plates only since i was going to also cook a Porterhouse 

and , I also wanted to put the chicken in direct heat after i was sure it was cooked properly. I cooked it at about 300 Deg for about 

5 hours over the deflector plate. Again the Kamado maintained the temperature pretty much on the dime. i opened the Kamado probably 

3-4 times so that i could baste the chicken as it was cooking. Once i started cooking the Porterhouse i also put the chicken on the 

same side as the steak to get a nice crispiness to it. I think it came out excellent and my family agreed with me. My wife actually made

some chicken salad with the remaining chicken for me to eat today. I have added some pictures so that you can see the outcome.

feel free to comment.



kamado joe 1.JPG

kamado joe 2.JPG

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I'm not sure the size of the bird. I really wanted to make sure it was very well cooked. I like the outside to be very crispy. I can tell you it fell off the bone. I'm sure I could have cooked it quicker but it was my first go at it and I had  enough time. 

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