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3 Pizzas - from dough balls to cooked in 10 minutes

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Just now, Smoke and Awe said:

Maybe I should say what I learned.  About the reason for pushing the dough from the center to the outside to move the gas to the outer crust!


Something else I noticed, he tried not to disturb the outer edge similar to the KA Artisan method as he was board stretching. Also he mentioned not to use a rolling pin. (I totally agree with that except for very specific doughs) 



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12 minutes ago, LargeRedJoe said:

I tried the tugging and flipping method  tonight but the store-bought dough just would not relax, at least in time for dinner...tonight...before midnight. 


Enter the rolling pin. 


Eeeekkk on the rolling pin. Ruins a good dough ball (at least for thin and crispy). 


Check out the KA Artisan Pizza method. Does a board stretch (preserving the edge) followed by a mild hand/air stretch. 


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