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Homemade Bread and a Few Eggs too

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This past Monday I was a Sam's and I saw they had Bob's Red Mill flour in 5 lb bags reduced from $4.98 to $2.41 so I grabbed a bag.


Making homemade bread was on the agenda yesterday afternoon so I opened the Bob's flour in the morning to check it out. I liked what I saw and made a mental note to pick up another bag next time I was at Sam's. Well, I was in the area and needed something from Sam's so I stopped in yesterday and went to see if they still had the Bob's Red Mill flour. They did but it wasn't the same price. It was reduced to $.91 a bag. They even had the gluten free flour for the same price. I grabbed 5 bags along with my other items and checked out. 

So I get home and mix my bread dough and it rises and finally it's ready to bake. I made two loaves from the recipe on a nice sized loaf and the other a little smaller.


I gave them both a lil melted butter in te slash I made on top.


After baking they each got some melted butter on top again.


After a few minutes I removed them from the pans to cool on a rack.


Of course the smell drove me to slice into it before it was completely cooled so I slathered a lil butter on the slice and enjoyed it. Mmmmmmm............ Not much better than fresh warm homemade bread!

So this morning I decided to make myself a few eggs and have some of the bread just toasted and buttered. Here's what the bread looks like sliced.


This is the smaller loaf.


It tastes even better toasted!


I like this Bob's Red Mill flour a lot. Maybe I should get some more. Lol.........


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