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Manufacturer website  in USA is  http://elitechus.com/temperature_logger/GSP_6_temperature_and_humidity_data_logger_145.html


 Amazon link is   https://www.amazon.com/Elitech-Temperature-Humidity-Recorder-Refrigeration/dp/B01H3669T4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501205953&sr=8-1&keywords=gsp-6 


I recently picked up one of these units after stumbling across it while cruising the web in search of a reasonable dedicated stand alone data logger for temperature and humidity that was low cost and had external probes.  This unit will free up my much more expensive 4 channel high end temperature only logger and give me humidity.  I have several uses for this unit and might even buy additional ones.  They are $36 on Amazon.  My uses include a meat fermenting chamber and also a meat curing chamber to log what has been happening where I want to track both parameters.  Also for logging other environmental conditions around the homestead. One of my initial tests was tracking attic temperatures for a week.  Gave me the data I was seeking. Other testing including humidity was just as useful in what I needed to do.  The sensors seem accurate by comparison to my other instruments. Selectable for C or F on the temperature. 

After my testing, I would give it a thumbs up.  :good: The vendor software (I am using it on Windows 10 ) for configuring and managing the unit and getting the data off is not too bad.  Could be a bit more elegant but it is functional and useful with some handy incorporated functions.  Documentation could be improved both for user manual and software but with a bit of trial and error and common sense you get it readily figured out.   Data can also be exported.  Uses a micro USB on the unit and the same micro USB can also be used for external powering the unit in addition to data transfer. So a spare 5V usb type charger can be used as external power in situations where there is no need to run on the battery.


Fundamentally you configure it with the computer and then place it for your sensing need and hit the button to start logging.  Local LCD display can show various real time parameters (current values, min and max, average as well as how many log entries by cycling though the screens.  You need the computer to download the logged data and stop the recording and to save the data off the unit and to reset the unit.    


Since the temperature rating only goes to 185 F, obviously  this is NOT for your BBQ pit application.  Great for a meat aging fridge or for perhaps beer making.   The temperature sensor is a pointed metal tube just over 1/8 in diameter and about 2 inches long. The 6.5 foot cable is potted at the entry point to the tube with a sealant but I do not know if the sensor is rated for use in liquid.  If i did use in liquid I would definitely add additional silicon rubber sealant.  The humidity sensor is in a tubular plastic enclosure that is 2 3/4 inches long and just under 5/8 inch in diameter with linear slots with metal screening. The cover on the humidity sensor unscrews for access to the sensor circuit board, perhaps for cleaning the senor. The cable is also 6.5 feet.  I do not know if the humidity sensor chip they utilize can take condensing moisture - no identifying info on the chip.  The chip looks like it might be a Silicon Labs sensor the way the hydrophobic filter cover is made onto the chip. Just a swag on that bit on speculation for what it is worth.


So far it is a good quality product, with a good fit and finish and good price on a comparative basis.  In my opinion very good value for the money after doing a lot of web hunting.  


And it has external (as opposed to internal embedded measuring sensors which I need unlike some of the USB stick style loggers).   Also the single 3.6 volt AA size lithium battery is readily available and not overly pricey.  It comes with a battery.



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