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Butts in the moonlight and bones in the morning...


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Rib hickory, chicken tangy and pulled pork sauces made and stashed in fridge......




Butt rub made.......









Grill made ready..........





Lump, cherry and a couple chunks of apple....





Thought about it for a 1/2 second and then poured on a pile of mixed hardwood pellets.......should help the flavors....




Will fire this up with morning coffee and have it loaded prior to daylight.

Hope the neighbors don't mind the music that'll come with the smoke....




Ribs & butts prepped.......





Hyooge amounts of rubs on them for the overnight rest in the fridge.......


Looking forward to the early hours tomorrow......coffee maker has been made ready......

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Just did a probe test on the butts....I'm guessing another 2-3 hours on the pit....which works out well as I just loaded a pair of slabs in there, too, after doing an additional burn-off of my upper rack.

Butts are much darker than normal.....which is saying a lot.  I tend to prefer darker...crustier bark....this has set already.  Foiled the butts...dropped the top rack in and put the spares on.  

Kids, don't try this at home just yet.....Uncle Dub needs to experiment a bit more with it.....but I wanted to keep the smoke rolling on my ribs, too.

This may be like something Kramer from Sienfield would attempt.....or it may be mad genius....I'll know more in a few hours........





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1 hour ago, bosco said:

man I missed your cook posts!!!



Brotha.......I have missed being here.


No kiddin' real deal missed being here.


Life has has been kicking me in the groin........then I realized that it's kicking us all in the groin a little bit.   







It became way more fun when I figured out how to kick It back !!!!!


Ton's of fun when the rabbit gets the gun. :)  

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1 hour ago, Likes Big Butts said:

Very well documented foray, bravo.



Thank you !!!

It was gratifying watching them go to town on the barked pieces even before I had a chance to hit it properly with some pullin sauce (exactly as it looked in the below pic....sauceless and uninspired.....yet they were on it like a pack of wolves, lol)


I thought it'd was gonna be dry and boring, yet they were all grins and paws on it.....even before I declared it ready to eat.

Maybe I learned something.....doubtful, though.....I simply can't eat pulled pork with at least a hint of vinegar sauce......

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8 hours ago, 5698k said:




'Twas a long night......and happy to see them enjoy it today.


I bagged up all the pulled pork in small bags and wife is taking it with her to work tomorrow to give to her cohorts. 




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48 minutes ago, BOOMSTICK069 said:

Nice job Boss, as always looking good. Glad to see you putting that knife to work. Everything looks spot on!



Thanks, man.


I really like it but don't use it near as much as the santuko.  Something about that santuko just fits my hand perfectly.

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