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Unboxing $74 Akorn Jr from Walmart

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4 hours ago, bluayeddvl said:

i'm curious about the differences in prices for the akorn Jr from walmart stores.

i see $74, $79, $91 in posts, yet if i check online, it shows $91.45 (same as on amazon).

how are you folks scooping these up under $80?  is it just something going on in-store in your area?

Click on this link and put in your zip code and sku# 52497353 and it will show you prices around your area for the Jr.



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On 01/08/2017 at 5:44 PM, TKOBBQ said:

Looks good she might be small but she is mighty.  Your already putting out some good looking food. 


My Jr fits nicely in the boat to take along for fishing trips.  Always big enough to feed my guys!

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6 hours ago, Gwrn said:

Put my Akorn Jr together today. Question? Is the charcoal spin suppose to be so wobbly? It causes the grilling rack to move around too.

My wasn't wobbly but did slide around very easily and causing my grill grate to get out of level. I applied a dab of hi temp caulk on each of the firebox feet before setting it in place. Fixed it right up.

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