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Cold Smoked Salmon - I'm In Love!

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8 minutes ago, El_Norteno60 said:

@Beermachine, I would love to think that my enthusiasm has spread to others on this... Lemme know how it goes, if you do it. Make sure you have a good, long, razor-sharp knife for the finale, my friend!

 @El_Norteno60Thanks, I think I will wait for the cooler months though to do this. I have almost the same knife as you. Razor sharp and perfectly suited for the job! :)


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On 8/13/2017 at 10:56 AM, El_Norteno60 said:

@In2Fish, I love your "cold smoke" setup, and I actually have the two kamados to set it up. I may try it this winter, when lighting a single piece of lump becomes much less comfortable than when it's warm and sunny outside in July ;-). On the other hand, the beauty of the way I've been doing it so far is that there's less to set up, and I only use one piece of lump for a three-hour cook. More importantly, I'm basically a cold whimp, so there's still some doubt that my intention to continue kamado cooking throughout the winter will actually become reality... I've often wondered about the irony of being born Canadian, but lacking the blood to survive the cold :-D.

May 2018 update: I surprised myself this winter. My kamados kept me inspired enough to cook year-round, and this winter was a particularly hard one. I knew I was hooked when I had to re-jig a major brisket smoke in early January... outside, on my snow-cleared deck, puttering with my kamado at -31C at 3:30 a.m. It doesn't get much more addicted than that, folks (the brisket turned out amazing, folks)!

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On 5/21/2018 at 7:05 PM, Xavery Ptak said:

@El_Norteno60  Hello to the fellow Canadian! what type of set up do you use for cold smoke? The link to the video doesn't work - do you mind updating it? 

Greetings, @Xavery Ptak! Disappointing; it appears they've taken down one of my favourite YouTube spots. My setup is incredibly simple, but i don't have a picture of it at the moment. I use a KJ Big Joe, and I pipe the smoke from a tin can filled with hickory chips with a single smoldering lump of coal on top of that, all covered by a length of flexible aluminum dryer piping. Basically, I light the coal, put it on top of the wood chips in the can, put that on a stone or brick base, lower the drying piping over that and bend the top of the pipe into the lower vent of my Big Joe. I then let is smoke for about two hours. I check the chips once or so during the process, to ensure I don't need to top it up. Cheers!

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