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Classic II Hinge with Table


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I just ordered my first kamado, a Joe Classic II stand-alone as I'm planning to build my own stand.  I failed to take into account the air-lift hinge and after looking at dimensions from the KJ site, they show in addition to the extra room for the hinge it needs 3" of clearance behind?  Does anyone have experience with this and does it not need to be that wide?  By my math that is going to put the table at well over 3' deep?


I was going to post in DIY but figured I'd get more info from the KJ section.  Thanks!

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I built a 72" (l) x 27.5"(d) x 34"(h) for a Large big green egg. The opening was 21.5" and second shelf about 16 3/4" from the top.


With a slight modification to the opening to account for the air lift hinge ( I would just notch it out) it would work and stay under the 36" depth you are referring to.


best of luck.

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I am having the same issues on trying to lay out table for Classic or Big Joe table. New hinge looks like it will increase the depth of table a lot. I don't have either size with new hinge so

it's a hassle trying to figure out if top will work on a grill you don't have. Anyone have a picture of back hinge area of Kamado Joe new hinge?


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