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Jason Serpent

The Monolith has finally arrived!

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Greetings from North London,


My Monolith Classic (Standalone) arrived last Friday.


So far only a few items has been cooked but with great result.


Salmon side 

Smoked Mackerel




Perhaps a bit to impatient for the first run where the Monolith was a bit too warm when smoking.

Used a bit too much of the Apple pellets.

Regarding the pellets they seemed to burn too much again might have loaded a bit too much (only a hand full at the time)


Invested in the Hot Coals book as i'm new to this style of cooking.


Using the looflighter ignite and a Marverik ET-733 dual probe.


Side question does anybody know of a good temp logger (min 2 probes)?

I have my house full of wireless temp tags so my geeky side would want to plot how stable the Monolith is for future over night cooks.


Next cook is gearing up to look like more fish and some short ribs.



Cheers until Next time.





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Do you have an option other than pellets? Wood chunks really work best for these types of cookers. If no, wrap the pellets in a foil pouch, and poke a couple of holes in it, put the pouch directly on the fire. 


Cook temp is strictly a matter of airflow. I noticed you used a looftlighter? That's a good tool, and it shows that the proper amount of coals were lit at the start. For your next cook, try closing the vents further, it's surprising how little airflow is needed for proper temperature. 


As as far as controllers, it sounds like a cyberq, of a flame boss 300 would suit your needs. 

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Thanks for your reply.

I do have access to other spices of wood the pellets came with (thrown in by the grill place)

Chunks seems to be the weapon of choice for most Kamado owners.


Ran the Monolith for a few hours today (still going) and I seem to struggle to get it below 110c at that point the hatch is open max 3mm and the top has 1-2 mil sliver open.


I'm not really after a controller but a thermometer probe that loggs temperature over time so that I can plot it later.


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Close the top more, like I said, you'll be very surprised at how little airflow is necessary. I find that the top vent has more to do with very fine adjustments, so even if the bottom is more open, close the top more. 

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Welcome to the forum. Nice looking grill. For the low temp cooking, do not use your looftlighter. It gets too much charcoal burning. Try alcohol soaked cotton balls. This link is for an Akorn, but the same principles work for your grill. 



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Welcome from a fellow Monolith (Classic also) owner in the UK !


A couple of things based on my experience.....


I assume the Apple pellets you refer to are the Monolith ones ?  If so I've tried these and found they added a very strong flavour (I tried them with pork belly if I remember correctly). I don't like a strong smoke which is why I got the Apple pellets but I've stopped using them. I've had good success with Olive chips (my favourite) and Oak (nice but stronger). I havn't tried any other pellets as its put me off them and I'll stick to chips.


As for temp control - for a low temp cook like 110 I'll use just one or two fibre lighters in the centre of the lump. I'll light and leave the lid open (for around 10 mins) then close the lid let and the temp rise to around 100 (vents fully open). At this point I'll put in the heat deflector grates etc, close the lid and let the temp start to get to around 100. Then close the bottom vent to just a cm or two and also close the top vent but leave the daisy wheel rotated to fully open. Stabilise the grill around 110 for at least 15 mins and then put the meat in. The temp will drop off - this is normal but should soon start to creep up again. Monitor the temp and adjust accordingly - but always leave a good while between adjustments and in particular try not to overshoot the temp.  As you have probably found once you are over-temp it takes a good while to get the temp back down. Once you get the feel of it you'll be surprised how quickly you can dial the temp in and how stable it is.


Then you just need a beer and keep an eye on the temp every while !

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