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Cold Brew Coffee from a Nitro Tap

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While in Portland, Oregon at Starbucks I tried a cold brew coffee from a nitro tap for the first time. This reportedly is a new thing at Starbucks and I really, really, liked it. Think Guniess texture with coffee flavor, served cold and it even has a head like beer.  They cold brew the coffee for over 20 hours and then put it in a keg and pour it from the tap  like a draft beer. I am hooked, wonderful taste and texture. It is pretty strong in terms of the caffeine rush it gives you. I was told they are putting taps in select Starbucks. I am hoping we get one. 


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I could go for that!  Don't do foofy Starbucks coffee drinks, but that looks good to me. The dentist accused me of being a soda junkie years ago, which I most certainly was not. He did ask about coffee though and I was guilty as charged with cream and sugar. Black only for me from that point on....  but black coffee with a head like beer.. that sounds almost too good to be true. 

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I love cold brew coffee.  It is all that I drink these days as far as coffee goes and I love dark beer.  But this did not do anything for me.  I thought it would be a natural fit, but I would rather just have cold brew coffee over ice.  It seems like more places are offering it so maybe it is just me!  Fun to try though. 

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