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Komado meat destroyer


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Hello everyone,


glad to to be a part of this great forum. 

I just recently purchased a Komado Akorn. No idea what I'm doing. Annoying my wife you tubing for hours every night and destroying food. Lol. Please help this apprentice learn some A game!


so far my biggest problem is holding temp. Been using brickettes, used 20 and reached internal temp of 250 degrees and held this for 3 hours. Lost temp so added 15 more freshly flamed bricks. Temp climbed to 320!!!!!closed everything down to about 2mm opening but temp didn't drop.


no wind at all was this why I couldn't control temps?


end result was one dried up and burnt brisket. Wife isn't happy. Not my first attempt either.


i see most people using lump charcoal. Is this my problem?


Please Help my Akorn redeem itself!!!!

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52 minutes ago, rchang72 said:

Welcome. This post is pretty exhaustive about low and slow. Hope that helps you troubleshoot 


Also might want to try pork butt first. Forgiving even if you run hot. 



Thankyou for your response. I just finished reading a heap of that exact post. Very helpful and to simplify in short. Those brickettes look to be no good for low and slow. Lump charcoal should fix the major part of my issue. Really appreciate your response and really looking forward to my continued learning and at some stage sharing my knowledge when I finally make year 2 of my apprenticeship ;)

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Lump will get you better results.  Also sounds like you ran out of fuel on your cook, don't worry about putting too much lump in the cooker, it won't all light at once.  I use the "volcano method" which just means leaving a hole in the center of the coals for airflow purpose.   Light just a tiny bit of coal and let the cooker slowly (and I mean slowly) come up to the temp you want.  I usually allow an hour for the temp to achieve and then level off at the temperature I want before I start cooking.


If I want to cook at 250 then I will light the coal and leave the lid open for about 10 minutes.  Then I shut the lid but keep all the vents open.  I watch the temperature climb and when it gets to 100 I shut the bottom vent to like two and close the top vent to half open.  At 150 I shut bottom vent to 1 and close top vent a little more.  At 200 you really want to catch the temps, so close the bottom vent to a little less than 1 and top vent should just barely be open.  It's better to level off low than high, because coming down is very very hard but raising temp is easy.


Also, you should  invest in a good digital temperature gauge so you can measure the temperature at the grate.  The Akorn gauge is unreliable and in the wrong spot.  I recommend Thermoworks products, they are top notch.  You have to mail order at thermoworks.com they don't sell their products at Amazon and such (if you see them there, they are being sold by some third party).


Akorn is a great cooker and very versatile. You will have a lot of fun!  Welcome to the party!

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If you want to help yourself out I definitely switch to lump more preference for me  less heavy ash. look into getting yourself the https://tiptoptemp.com/  and a good remote thermometer http://www.maverickhousewares.com/et-733-wireless-food-thermometer-set/ that will help smooth out your temp issues as well with the Akorn. Read up on theses 2 accessories here in the forums.


Hope this helps! 

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Wow. In past forums I have found you need to be in there for a few months before people start offering good advise. You guys just smashed it! Really appreciate all your time in responding


I will get some lump ready for my next cook and see if I can get my temp issues sorted.....and yes I plan to invest in some descent thermometers 


Again Thankyou!!!!

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Lump, lump, lump.  Fill the basket to just below the diffuser tabs, start a small fire down low in the centre, open the bottom vent to #2 setting and the top about the same.  Watch your temps come up and start closing both as you get to 160, 180, 200.  By then you should be down to just a small crack at both.  Then control the temps using the top vent.  It should allow you to fine tune nicely.

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