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Classic Joe Table Complete

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I just finished my table after two weeks of evening work. I decided to do this instead of having a large gas grill and a joe in the cart, taking up room on my deck. I bought a small 2 burner gas grill for those short notice grills. I inlayed a piece of granite for a prep area, as well as a solid surface for the gas grill to sit on. I ordered the feet from kamado joe and had them within a day. I did not put it on casters, as I did not want it sitting too high. Rope lighting, as I am a nerd like that... :geek: Definitely gave us more room on the deck. Thanks for looking.




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Thank you. Yes, I used the kreg jig. I love that thing. The only downfall was that the pressure treated wood was still wet and the shavings would "gum" up the bit. My wife actually drilled the majority of them because my temper was starting to flare up. I could've waited to let the wood dry out, but I was on a time crunch to get everything set for a gathering. I did use some structural screws, due to the weight of the joe and granite underneath.

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2 minutes ago, LargeRedJoe said:

That's a good-looking table.  I like the idea of stashing a small gas grill underneath.

The fellow who built my table (commercially) also uses the Kreg method; it's rock-solid and looks great.  


I appreciate it. Yours is nice as well. There's a guy locally off craigslist that builds some for around $200-$300. I just had a specific design and size in mind. Kreg joinery is a god send for these types of projects.

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