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First run on making a think crust Pizza.


Tweeked a quite simple thin crust dough recipe by swapping regular flour to '00' flour.

However did not account for its finer grain and its need for more water so the dough was a tad dry.


The monolith was set to 360c (680f) on the two first ones.

Turning them 90o at 90s was almost too long at this temp with this low hydration dough.

total cooking time 3min at the most.


Second run i set it to 300c and still kept turning them at 90s but ran them for 3-4 min depending on topping.






2017-08-23 21.09.46.jpg

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lol i've done a lot worse (and not on a first crack, either).  Did one the other day where the primary flavour was charcoal, due to my steel being marginally hotter than the surface of the sun.  pretty sure I ate some baking paper, but couldn't tell where the paper stopped and the cremated crust started :-D  :-D 


what were the toppings?  I'm guessing:

1) Sardines

2) Spring onions

3) Capers
4) Crushed Tomatoes

5) Broken dreams

6) Sliced garlic

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@Jason Serpent - Far from perfect just means that you get to have a lot more fun chasing perfection!  Nice job!  


As @KamadoJosephine noted, I've done a lot worse as well...  Probably have binned a couple before anyone saw the evidence.  Might have choked down a few others.  The dog, even with her darn wheat intolerance, may have ended up with a few slices (yes, I sunk that low)... But all's well that ends well, and I'm pretty sure you're going to crank out some mighty fine pies!

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    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      This weekend I tested making Butter chicken recipe from Milk Street Book, ‘Fast and Slow’ by Christopher Kimball.  Only change I made was use roasted garlic.   I made the Naan Dough with Poolish method.    I used a portion of Naan dough to make a Butter Chicken pizza.   Here are the pictures of the final result,   Both where very delicious.   

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      Did this on the dojoe, between 550°-600°. I used the Forkish Saturday recipe, but popped it in the fridge for 26 hours after the 2 hour bulk ferment, before dividing and shaping. Fantastic crispy outside, chewy yet pillowy inside. Buffalo Mozz and salami. So good.

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      Pizza tasted very good.   I used my Joe Jr. to Roast the Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and used my vision Classic B to bake the individual pizza.   For the cheese I used paneer cheese, extra old cheddar and pizza mozzarella.  The sauce for pizza was the serving sauce for Chicken Reshmi Kebabs.   This pizza will now be part of my pizza repertoire.   

    • By Casey
      I have an opportunity to buy a Monolith classic (by size, pretty sure it isn't Le Chef) and looking for opinions on both the grill itself and whether it's a good price. About 1 year old, in good condition, with stones/grates, a CyberQ Cloud controller, and a table built by the owner. Unsure how well the control fan works (I couldn't get it to start with the CyberQ just fiddling around without lighting coals, and the owner said they never really figured it out). I've worked the seller down from $1575 to $1100 for everything, no tax, I pick it up myself. 
      1. What do you think about this brand and model? An established German company but only in the US market a few years without much penetration yet. Made in China, maybe at the KJ factory? 
      2. Is this a fair price, or should I try to work lower? I had planned to go with either the Ceramic Akorn or Grilla Kong at lower prices (without table), but is this worth spending a little extra?

    • By Nnank76
      hey guys,
      Ive had a few pizza sessions on my kj classic 2. Although the last time i warped the steel firebox ring so not sure that should count as successful! I thought it aould be good to ask a kj specific question.  
      My set up is deflectors on the grill in top position. Spacers on top of that with pizza stone then on top.
      So my question/s is when doing high heat cooks:
      1. How long do u let the kj heat sink for? I have just opened the vents and let it ride. When up to 650/700 put pizzas on.
      2. Where do people set their vents? How open is the bottom and top? As above i nlrmally just open them up and stick the pizza on at above the 650/700 mark.
      3. How long should this sort of temp last or is safe for the kj? If i had a pizza party how long could this keep up for eg.
      Any advice or thoughts is welcome?
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