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Cooking in advance - When to shred


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I'm having a large party on Sunday, for which I'm doing a 14# brisket and 10# pork butt. Can't cook both at once, so I'm doing the pork tonight and the beef Saturday overnight. Once done, I'll put the pork into a crockpot for reheating. Would it be best to shred the pork as soon as it's rested a bit, or keep it whole until reheated Sunday morning?

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Keep it whole until reheated. It'll taste and look like it just came off the grill.


For the reheat I would Viacom seal it then reheat the vacuum sealed bag in a crock pot full of water on the "warm" setting for a couple of hours. Pull just before serving and don't let anyone see the crock pot, they'll never know. 



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I have pulled the pork and vacuum sealed it with just a dampening of Lexington sauce ( vinegar Ketchup). Heated in a crock pot days later for a group it tasted just like it was made that day. Thawed and heated a year later it still tastes like it was just made as long as the vacuum sealer bag has held. My experience has been that as long as air does not get to it you will be happy. What CK suggests--leaving whole and pulling at the last minute would be even better.

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You could cut it in half and use 2 gallon zip lock bags(unless you can fit the entire butt in one).  Same process as the others were talking, just need to ensure the top of the bags don't submerge.  It's not ideal, but would work.  Put something the goes across the top of the crock pot an suspend the bag from it would be my guess.

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