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Well maybe not the first while seasoning couldnt resist, made me some breakfast.


But last night decided on fajitas. 8 petite sirloins, green and red peppers and onions with fajita seasoning.


One thing we did was add butter as we cooked, making it sticky. I am not huge on Mexican but honestly the best fatijitas I've had.


This cooker is amazing.. I am so excited to cook on this.


Ok struggling to insert pic

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Looks great! Fajitas and general stir fry dishes are now fun for me on the Blackstone.


We did a Sunday night Blackstone cook too. Beyond the cooking method, I am just happy about the volume we can do. Six quesadillas at a time is great and really cuts down on the cooking/waiting/complaining around here.


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So with everything going on with sals dad have been away from the campground and the griddle, but hammered down tonight.


Sirloin, carrots, purple cabbage, broccoli, onions, baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and mushrooms sizzled in with Mongolian sauce placed over gooey angel hair with butter and parm.


I need to work on plated pics lol






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So yesterday was my loves birthday, instead of going out for dinner, decided to go to the camper and use the griddle.

She ordered up her favorite steak chuckeye, grilled asparagus and grilled shrimp. This thing is super versatile, the steaks are seared on the entire surface, no worry about asparagus falling through the grates.


Then finished with a few drinks around the fire...





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