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I'm excited! New "grill" in route!

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HAHAHAHA  You guys crack me up.

As for cleaning, it's actually really easy to wipe down.  I cranked it up to 425 degrees and used wet paper towels at the end of tongs to wipe the grease off.  It steamed off pretty nicely.  I then used some food grade spray de-greaser on the rollers to finish.

I didn't cook that carrot!  Carrots are the most horrible tasting thing on the planet!!!!  PUKE!!!!

The dogs actually tasted awesome!  Great flavor with a really nice snap to each bite.  I'm actually craving them right now!  But, we'll only really be using this thing for get-togethers.  We're really lucky to have a really bomb-a-- basement!  We have a pool table and big bar and theater down there and the hot dog grill fits in perfectly! 

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