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2 Burner Table Top Griddle

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45 minutes ago, TKOBBQ said:

I never personally seen one of those but it looks to be a nice unit.  Can't wait to see you put it through its paces.


I go into Academy Sports at least once a month for the last couple of years. Never seen it before. 


This morning I checked  the Academy Sports flyer online and saw this listed. Went there and it looked like it would work for me and Mrs skreef. I pulled the trigger. 


We'll see. Only $94 so I can only be so disappointed. So far so good (will post steak and cheese cook shortly). 



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Did a quick peanut oil burn. Then I cooked a lb of bacon trying to figure out the burner settings. This was my first real cook. Can only get better from here. I have a long ways to go to get it properly seasoned. 


Home fries. GSCa.thumb.jpg.2941ed98519fa3e232b19ecc7e6c73ba.jpg


Buns done with Mayo ;)



Peppers onions and jalapeños. 






With provolone. 



I meant to take a final money shot......... Not sure what happened with that. 


Griddle Jr and Akorn Jr becoming friends. 




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Congrats on the griddle score!  Know you have been looking for a deal for awhile now.  I have the 17" Blackstone and really like it.  Wanted a 2 burner..... but don't have space or an appropriate outdoor setup to commit to a standalone unit...  I saw a 4 burner 36" Blackstone at my Walmart marked at the 28" clearance price of $99 awhile back.  Still kicking myself for not grabbing it.... Darn husband - ruined all my fun.  

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7 hours ago, philpom said:

Start cooking bacon for breakfast every day!


LOL - I have to laugh. I already get up at 4am every day. Not interested in 3:30 am to cook bacon and season the griddle - LOL 


But I do under what you're saying. No worries I'm using the hell out of the griddle. 



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