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Brand New to Kamado Grilling


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Hey guys. I was in DIRE need of a new grill. The old one (don’t even recall the name) was a bargain purchase and the internals were just destroyed. It was propane and I hadn’t grilled with charcoal in probably 10 years.


No idea how I came across Kamado’s but I did through research and I started reading on them. I tell you what though I was a little scared and was dead set on a Weber Spirit propane grill. The day before I purchased I decided to check Craigslist and I found myself a brand new, never used Akorn or $150. It had a small dent in the top lid in the very back where you cannot see it. I decided to take the plunge and pick it up. I figured $150 wasn’t to bad of a gamble and it was brand new. If I didn’t like it I can resell it or just let it sit.


Ends up so far I am LOVING it. I have only grilled (no smoking yet) and it’s been a blast. I did a few hours of reading on here before I fired it up and learned a bunch of tricks and so far things are turning out great and I’m really able to hold temps very well. Some of the pointers on these forums have saved me for sure, like not overshooting the temps. So far so good. Also, filling with charcoal vs barely using any thinking that he amount of charcoal depicted the temp. In face it’s the airflow that depicts the temps... lesson learned here thankfully before I started grilling!


Anyways, so far it’s been mild practicing (burgers, hotdogs, chicken). I have steaks coming up on Thursday and then I’m going to start to look into doing smoking for next weekend maybe.... ideas on a good/easy place to start?




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On 9/5/2017 at 6:20 AM, rchang72 said:

Welcome to the forum. To answer your question, pork butt seems to be the best trial by smoke. Forgiving piece of meat that still will taste good if you overshoot temps. 

Totally agree on the pork butt. Great for a first smoke.

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