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Reporting in from my favorite lakeside campsite

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Tonight we are going to enjoy 3 MRE ration meals. We've got Captain Country Chicken thai sauce chicken and beef ravioli on tap here at the lake Hangout. I've had these for quite a while and I estimate they are getting close to end of life so I figured it was finally time to open the case and pull some out to eat. they were a gift from a cousin of mine who is a drill sergeant in the US Army.






 for those of you that have never seen these before the US military MREs are pretty neat. Here is what came with C beef stew it's the main course beef stew a jelly packet a beef snack stick a cookie a giant cracker a shake mix basically powdered milk and a small packet with salt pepper Tabasco a wet napkin a dry napkin and various sauces Etc plus a spoon and a fork. It also comes with the awesome meal heater you add a few tablespoons of water to the pouch you put the main entree pouch into the heater bag and then you put that bag back into the box that entree came in and allow it to warm up that heater gets hot.


I'll report back on how this all tastes later I hope it tastes good because as I said it is my dinner tonight.

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