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Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

Polar Bear

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I had originally planned to get a Classic Joe instead of a 2nd Big Joe when I purchased my second KJ back in Aug 2013.  I made a last second decision to get a 2nd Big Joe when I was staring the the display model in the store.  


It could have gone either way.  For 90% of my cooks, a classic would have done just fine as a 2nd grill.  The 2nd Big Joe really shines when I’m entertaining a large group or people or when I have one grilled tied up with the Joetisserie and the 2nd Big Joe making deserts and side dishes.


I chose to go with a 2nd Big Joe for entertaining.  It was far from a practical purchase. 


I pick rhe grill that will accommodate 90% of your cooking needs.  


I have a bias towards the Big Joe.  Albertans and Texans are both in love the concept of, “Go Big or Go Home!”.  That’s how we think in Oil Country. 


It’s the best advice I can give from a man with two Big Joes.  

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