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Empanadas and Malcolm Reed's Jerk Sliders

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My oldest, 4, went to a birthday party on Saturday for a classmate.  A pretty cool concept, the place offers cooking classes to children.  I believe it's called The Little Chef's Academy.  They each made their own pizza and then a cupcake.  Anyway, she's been in this cooking mode since.  Yesterday morning she wanted to make dough, so I figured we would put it to use, so we made some empanada dough and stuffed them with chicken and cheese.  She was thrilled and they came out pretty damn good!  And I was even happier cause she did the majority of the work on her own.  Start em young!







Then it was time to prep for dinner.  I saw somebody on here recently posted about Malcolm Reed's Jerk Sliders.  Finally getting the chance to put it all together, we got to work with the slaw then the glaze.  I'll just post a link to the recipe instead of my step by step.  The only thing I did different was add a fair amount of cracked pepper to the slaw mix.  These were some good sliders and will definitely be made again...  Even my mother in law threw back 4 of them! 







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20 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

That's some really great advise @JoeC teach them young, she looks like she's having a blast.  And Wow those are some great looking jerked pork sliders.


Thanks, buddy!  She truly enjoys it.

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