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Vision Grill B Series Signature Series Handle.

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I was looking at a few of the kamado grill for sometime now but due to over budget price...i wait...and  wait until last night sunday.
went on my shopping at Sam's and come across this Vision Grills on clearance. This was a store display fully assemblers grill ready to go.
got it for $240 with a friend Business membership with tax exempt.....

i knew  it was a steal.......

I know this is a Classic B Diamond Series with Ash Draw....but the Handel read " Signature Series" is this normal or is this something of a hybrid between a B and Signature Series...
Any one has ideas"  or did they just send in the wrong handle with this B series?

anyway B series or Signature....it was a steal deal done by Sam's on this last display grill....just got it all registered out and send in picture of receipt for warranty through the manufacture site.

vision grill signature series.png

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I have the same grill (Diamond B from Sam's); I have a picture of it in a thread elsewhere in this forum showing the table I built for it. I just zoomed in on the picture, and it says "Vision Grills" on my handle (I'm not at home to check it out right now). My thread is the one called "Vision + FlameBoss = too easy".




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