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Learning to Cook Fish


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Methods for cooking fish really vary depending on the species and how it's been processed.  Generally fish is a more delicate flesh but of course there are exceptions to that also.  Better to know what it is you want to cook and look for advice from there.

I will say I like to flavour my fish with wood smoke so I tend to cook it at under 300˚F.  I use a small tray that allows smoke to come through and I like to give my fish a thin coat of mayonnaise so that it does not stick to the pan.  Some fish is cooked with skin on, some not.  

Bosco recently posted an excellent cook of cedar planked salmon you should check out.  In that circumstance he cooked at a much higher temp.  It really depends..................

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I'll give you a really easy recipe that my family loves.   Apologies that the pics are not so great.   This cook wasn't done on a kamado but could easily be done......run it at 350-ish.



*Make a balsamic reduction glaze.  3/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/4 sugar, 2-4 tsp fresh ground black pepper.  Bring to simmer and keep stirring until volume is reduced by 1/3-1/2 original amount.


*Olive oil applied to skin side of salmon filet....dust it with some large grained salt (I've been using smoked kosher salt lately).  Place the filet skin side down on the cedar plank.


*Place the planked salmon on the grill.  As it starts getting close to 3/4 done....drizzle or brush on the balsamic sauce and let it cook until proper doneness.   It's a dark sauce so it may look as great as other types of glazes, but I assure you the flavor will be there.








Another easy method is to simply coat it with olive oil and hit it with any number of seasonings & rubs.






Also, this stuff makes an excellent glaze...right outa the bottle:





















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