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my best beef stew


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I am actually making this today and it is slow cooking right now as I am sipping barking squirrel.



about 1/2 C  AP flour ( for dredging the beef pieces )

5 to 10 jalapeno peppers chopped and seeded ( this ingredient is optional )

approx. 1.2 kg. fresh tomatoes, any tomatoes you have like cherry tomatoes or whole tomatoes or canned will also do nicely

about 3.5 lbs of good boneless beef blade or chuck, like Angus, Red Grill, AA will do fine

about 6 to 8 medium onions

pinch of dried thyme and oregano

kosher salt to taste.

1 can good quality beer -  brown or amber or stout or guiness or german double bock,  about 473 to 500 ml.  or any beer you would drink that you'd like to put in your stew.  today I used one called Barking Squirrel 473 ml. from HOPCITY Brewing Co., amber lager 5.0% alc.vol. , 24 IBU,  in a black tin.  The description says Our flagship brew.  A superbly smooth balancing act of noble hop bitterness and caramel malt sweetness.   contains barley and wheat.




cut your roast carefully into big pieces.  with a 3.5 lb. roast I get about 40 to 45.


thinly slice your onions and fry them  in some oil, or oil and butter, or ghee and oil, or whatever fat you like.  I usually sprinkle in some kosher salt like a teaspoon.   it is a lot of onions I start mine at a medium high heat for 5 minutes and then cook them a little slower for about 1/2 hour or more till I can smell a sweet caramel smell and they are getting a little browned and very soft.  when they are done put them in your crock pot or a dutch oven. 


chop your tomatoes into chunks with a little olive oil and you can add your chopped jalapenos in there.  put them in a pan and cover to cook them till soft, maybe 10 minutes.   I like to season with about a tsp. of salt.  a pinch of thyme and oregano in.    I sometimes just add the jalapenos to the onions in the last 10 minutes of cooking them.  using chili's is totally optional and not necessary.

add your tomato mixture in with the cooked onions in your crock pot or dutch oven


I put the flour in a zip lock bag and then coat a few pieces of meat at a time and put on a sheet pan.


now put some oil in the pan that you had the onions and heat and then give the meat pieces a nice brown sear.  do it in three batches and don't let the pieces touch eachother.  after each batch add them to the crock pot till they are all in there.


now deglaze that pan by pouring the can of beer in there.  cook on medium high to boil off the alcohol and reduce by a third.  about 4 minutes.  now add this to the stew.  and stir it in.


now keep the lid on and keep the crock pot on low till the meat is perfectly tender.  it could take 4 or maybe 6 hours.  I will let you know how long mine took after it gets done later today.


when it is all done you can adjust the seasonings and also add in some RWV or some balsamic vinegar to taste as well.  and also now do some sliced mushrooms in a pan ( saute on high heat, dont let the pieces touch eachother or else they will steam instead of fry ) and add that to the recipe when the meat and stew is done.


now get yourself another Barking Squirrel, kick back and enjoy the beautiful smell of that stew.  get some nice bread to eat it with.



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six hours on low in the crockpot and the meat was just sumptuous.  juicy and tender with a bit of chew.  I added a couple T of RWV to finish and about 8 oz. of thinly sliced sauteed mushrooms.  I didn't find a need to adjust any thing else like salt.  after it cooled a little, I just picked the whole ceramic pot out of the crockpot cooker and placed it in the fridge to store it overnight.  tomorrow I'll divide it up and freeze portions.  You will notice that I did not add carrots and potatoes, because I prefer to eat them fresh and not from frozen.    the gravy came out perfectly rich and just the right consistency and the flavor is very comforting and gets even better when the stew is made a day or two ahead.  

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On 9/30/2017 at 10:19 PM, In2Fish said:

Sounds tasty, are you feeding a small army?   Post a pic or two when  you get a chance 

this dish is quite scalable.   you could go with a smaller roast ..say 2.5 lbs.  ..and tomatoes ( 28 OZ tin ) and 12 oz bottle beer.  Also I like to add a couple of bay leaves

in the cook which is optional. no army here but I freeze mine in portions as a way to quicken up meal prep.    for the cook I did I filled five freezer bags with almost 1.25 lbs of stew each.  one bag along with some sides like carrots, potato wedges, a green, rice or crusty bread should be good for a dinner for two, and usually it is just me and one of my kids or me and my mom.

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