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Big pizza day


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7 hours ago, Brickbat said:

Those pizzas look great! How do you like the Pit Boss OEM heat deflector?


Although not the one you asked, I’ll happily give my feedback as I have one as well. 


The material is outstanding. Very heavy duty. It does work with both the legs up or legs down. It has stood up well to both high heat and long/slow cooks. 


The downside is is that it leaves a lot of uncovered area. If you are cooking something larger than the size of the deflector area some things might be exposed to more of the coals. 


I have since switched over to a spider and use a thick 15” pizza stone as a deflector. I find it more versatile. I also sometimes put a stainless grate on the spider, and a half pizza stone on the grate.  Great two zone setup.  I can cook indirect over the stone and also move food down closer to the coals for high heat direct cooking. Kinda similar setup as a Kamado Joe using 1/2 deflector and 1/2 cooking grate in the low position. 

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Been a couple days, but as a complete Novice... I would say the deflector works good, having said that I have no frame of reference...  I had a couple gift cards to HD so i got it pretty cheap online

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I was between 500-550   Seemed to work best..  I am by no means an expert, but these cam out great.  I use Store bought Pizza Dough in a bag, and it says to cook at 450 or higher..

No Surprise -since I bought this thing I NEVER fire up the Webber any more!

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