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I have smaller hands and I LOVE the Henckels/Zwilling Four Star line.


The handles are molded and textured polypropylene over a full tang. They fit my hand LIKE A DREAM and are not slippery when they inevitably get wet. The heel of the blade is widened so your finger can rest on it with ease and it doesn't push into my hand when chopping. (I hold the knife at the top of the handle right next to the heel of the blade.) They are durable, having lasted me 20 years so far. My only complaint is the blade is balanced just a tad heavy towards the toe. I see they have a Four Star 2 line, with a steel cap at the base of the handle to address the balance issue. I LOVE my 8" Chef's knife. My other Four Star knives are a paring knife and a bread knife. The bread knife was an impulse buy, but the paring knife is my second favorite. I'm looking for a boning knife now. It will be a Four Star 2.


As a counterpoint, my wife always uses a 6" Zwilling Pro Santoku knife. She doesn't like long blades. I like the action of the Santoku knife, but the heel of the blade is always burying itself into my forefinger, So I use the Four Star chef's knife.


If I was buying today I would look very seriously at the Four Star 2 knives. They go on sale fairly regularly.

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