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John Setzler

Video - Uuni 3 Demo

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13 minutes ago, ckreef said:

Great video. For your first two pizzas I think they came out reasonably decent especially the second one. Can't wait to see your results after you get through the learning curve. 



I used the dough recipe provided in the Uuni manual... it's a simple 60% hydration recipe but it has oil in it.  I need to cut the oil back or leave it out and all will be fine.

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Great video. -appreciate seeing a skilled cooker move along the learning cuve with a new product.


I can only think "watch when John 'gets his arm around this'". It will be spot on.


Too many times we see video of cookers that are showing a final cook but not revealing the realities of trial and error.



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On 10/10/2017 at 4:15 AM, ckreef said:

Can the uni be dialed back to say 550*-600* or is it all or nothing? 


I'm not sure about the Uuni3, but IIRC the Uuni Pro materials said that, with gas at least, you can get controlled, sustained temps from 300F up.

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31 minutes ago, Slowdown said:

I'm not sure about the Uuni3, but IIRC the Uuni Pro materials said that, with gas at least, you can get controlled, sustained temps from 300F up.


You can't get any kind of seriously controlled temperatures out of any of them.  If you need a fine level of temperature control this is not a good oven choice.


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Uuni Pro will has a relatively easy to moderate temperature control with the gas burner.  I believe one of their videos show that as well as he turns the gas down part-way through the cook.


I would think that it would be not be overly difficult to regular the Uuni Pro whole burning charcoal as well by changing the volume of lump added and with the adjustable damper, but probably would take some experimentation. Their video mentions burning charcoal to sustain 300 - 350 C, and then amping it up with wood.


When all said, these are "time" controlled cookers though for sure...particularly using pellets.


Regardless, can't wait...Canadian shipping to start some time late October from the latest update...



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    • By Smoke and Awe
      There's nothing like paying for a terrible pizza to get me back to making my own.  But I wanted it to look like ckreef's pizza, so I started with his King Arthur no-knead dough, read other tutorials, and here we go.  I also want to rave a bit about this Black & Decker counter top pizza oven I bought last year.  It looks lightweight, and it is,  but it has top and bottom heat coils, and the removable tray makes it easy to place and dress a pizza.  For the most part, I am only making one 10-12" pizza, or smaller for my breakfast (smile), which is this one I made today.  The sauce is a sun-dried tomato and basil spread that I mix with my regular pizza sauce, use sparingly.  Today my toppings were mushrooms, olives, and sweet sausage.  My cheese preference is whole milk mozzarella mixed with muenster, a salty but good melting cheese.
      The oven and tray need to preheat for at least 5 minutes, so while that is happening, I form my dough and prepare all toppings.  When the tray is hot, I remove it to a heat safe counter and lift the prepared dough onto the hot plate, and while it begins to parbake, I add the toppings, working from the middle outward to keep toppings off of the hot plate as much as possible.  The oven still has 5 minutes on the timer, but this pizza was done in 4.  
      Here is a link to the oven if you are interested:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U2OZM66/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0
      Not a bad price for something that works so well in all kinds of weather...
      I took a picture of the nicely browned bottom but it was blurry, and now it's gone!

    • By Dub
      Recently did up a pair of pies on the Big Joe.
      This thing is a pizza machine.





      Also made a peach pie for my son while I was at it.


    • By Dub
      Working on my wife's old car that she is selling after buying a new ride.
      Using up the last of my old car care stuff on this project.....Started the project after getting home from work on my day off.

      Washed, clay bar, and then began compounding.  Ran out of time.....and running low on beer.  Dinner needed to be made.
      The dinner plans were made with son and his girlfriend coming home for dinner, too.  He'd requested pizza.

      Gladly broke away from the car detailing to make an easy dinner.

      Wife's white sauce pizza.....

      Son & his girlfriend's pizza........



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      not sure where exactly to post but here is a bacon pizza i made on the Uuni Pro

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      Made kind of a white pie tonight.... no tomato sauce.. just evoo, mozz, parm, garlic, onions, and roma tomato slices with a dash of italian seasoning blend... I lost a tomato on this one when I launched it.  When you don't have a sauce on the crust, the cheese and toppings don't have anything to hold onto while you are launching the pizza from the peel... lol