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I normally make this dish in the crock pot, but after watching MarkInThePit's video on it, I’m gave it a try in the Akorn. The seasoning is from SpurTree. You can get it on Amazon or try to find it locally at a GrandMarket.



I was going to heat up the cast iron and put a nice sear on it, but it was late (8pm) and I got lazy. I put onions, garlic, bay leaves, and non-salted vegetable stock. 

This is it going in. I didn’t add chunks of wood because Royal Oak can add a light smokey flavor on its own.



This is hour two. Starting to look good. I flipped them over so the other side can get some smoke action.



At hour 3, I decided to cover it with foil. This is hour 4. They look just about done, but its not fall off the bone tender. By this time, all the liquid has rendered down and all that’s left is the fat. I decided to add chicken stock.



Hour 5, and its just right. You can see the meat has pulled away from the bone and I can easily break the meat with my tongs.



This was sooooo good. I’m definitely making it like this again, as oppose to the crackpot method. When you see Jamaican Oxtail seasoning, you would think it have a Jamaican Jerk taste…far from it. Its very savory. Give it a try!


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1 hour ago, bluayeddvl said:

that looks truly delicious.  love the tastes of Jamaica, and seeing this gives me some inspiration.

well done indeed!:woot:

It was, the meat was so tender and flavorful. its a real easy dish, give it a try. 


1 hour ago, shuley said:

Wow that looks good. But did you have to wait until 1 AM to eat!?!?

haha, no, my wife and I were worn out. I ate it for dinner the next day. 

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On 10/29/2017 at 7:45 AM, 75tranzam said:

When I was a kid we had Oxtail Stew once a month because it was a cheap, inexpensive cut of meat. I made some a year ago as comfort food and was shocked to see how expensive it is now.


Your cook looks great, nice job!

Thanks! Your telling me, it was $30 for all that meat. lol But worth it. I do the cook at least twice a year. 

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