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My XL Egg restoration


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I may have missed the window on my restoration attempt. It will be -9C here on Friday, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get my refractory cement repairs done on the firebox/ring in those temps. My garage isn't heated so, not sure what I'll do. If worse comes to worse, I may have to wait til spring and continue to use my Vision through the winter. :(


Has anyone got any experience working with refractory cement in cold temps? 

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I am late to the party, but certainly enjoyed reading through this thread and watching your progress. I cook on a Large BGE and am familiar with their warranty. Something to think about, is that all of BGE's ceramic parts are under warranty for life. That includes original parts to the original owner, and any new ceramic part  you purchase from BGE as the original owner of that specific part.  So, if you do purchase a fire box, as the original owne of that fire box, it will carry with it a lifetime warranty. If your repairs to the gifted broken fire box aren't satisfactory to you, The option of getting  a new one from BGE will give you a fire box for life. it is a cost, but you would still be way ahead of the game. Another thing is did you purchase the burnt case from a liscensed BGE dealer and are you the original owner? If so, I think you could make the  case that it carries the BGE warranty with it.  If a BGE dealer sold it to you, I don't see anything that would disqualify it from a warranty. I dont think the warranty specifies how much you have to pay for it, or if the dealer discounted it. To my knowledge it just says you have to purchase a BGE ceramic part from a liscensed dealer and register it.  Worth a try anyway, if you are the original owner. BGE will ask for your receipt / date of purchase,  the name and location of the dealer. and the number  stenciled inside the case.  Really cool story. Enjoy your "One Piece at a Time" grill. 

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Funny you should ask @bluayeddvl. I just got back to the project last weekend. All I need now is a 24-inch grill for it. I'm looking for something inexpensive. The green egg grill is $142, which is too much.  So far I can't find anything in Canada, but I'll keep looking. 


I did a test burn and it held temp perfectly, and easily. Other than the cooking grid, it's ready to go. 

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So after a winter shutdown, and a busy spring, my XL Egg is finally done.

I posted an ad on a local facebook group and a guy offered to make me a cooking grate complete with handles and a support ring. 

It is super strong and fits perfectly. 



I made a simple cross brace for my cordierite  diffuser  that sits just under the cooking grate. 



So, all said and done, for about $350 Canadian, I have an XL egg, which in Canada runs upwards of $3k. 

The first cook was a 10lb pork butt that looked comically tiny on the grill. It lit easily and held 250 like a champ.  The XL will only be used for big, low-and-slow cooks, while my Vision will remain as my go-to day-to-day kamado.

Considering this is what I started with:



I'm pretty happy with the results. 



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hot damn @K-ville , excellent work.  very happy to see such a stellar end-result of your efforts.

and if'n you don't mind, can you PM me the contact info for your grate fabricator.  i'm all-in for a terrific extruded piece like you have there.

but *ahem*, where are the money shots of that pork cook?

oh, and i'll keep checking the mailbox for my invite to your next big cook :-D

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