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Matambre De Cerdo

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Ok, so I was going to do Lomo Saltado for my challenge cook.  Weather wasn't playing nice and I wasn't feeling super adventurous - so I ended up doing that inside this past weekend.  It was pretty good, but was disappointed I didn't get my challenge cook knocked out.  Been a long haul at work lately... especially the past couple of days.  Checked with someone who I used to work with, but now lives in Ecuador when I was winding down for the day tonight.  Asked if he had any ideas for me for something easy and fast that I could knock out this evening.  Many recipes I found had multiple ingreadients and steps and I just wasn't up to it....


He shared with me an interesting link - which was good since I wasn't following him so well with what he was saying... something about impregnating something... lol.


Matambre De Cerdo - Pork Flank Steak - very simply prepared with salt and lemon juice.  I gathered from what he was saying that I needed to marinate (impregnate) the meat and let the lemon juice "cook" it a bit.  I couldn't find pork flank steak, so I ended up butterflying a pork loin.... not the same - I know.... but I tried.


So here we go....


After prepping the pork (trim, butterly and a little lemon juice treatment):




Crosshatched and starting to "cook" a bit:




Junior fired up out the back garage door -  pretty breezy out:




And we're on:




Marked and flipped:




Turned once more:




And sliced up:




Plated with a kale salad:






The crispy bits were to die for.  It was spectacular!  A pretty good ending to a rough month.  




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9 hours ago, Billy Grills said:

That looks delicious!!

A simple but hearty, tasty meal.

It's on my list to try :)



I would definitely go with a pork flank if you can find one.  I'm sure that would have been even better....   I probably wouldn't have crosshatched so deep as well if I had the flank, but my butterflied loin ended up a bit thicker than expected...

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41 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

Pork flank steak = pork belly, right?

Not sure. The picture he had looked just like a beef flank steak but it was pork. Maybe that’s what a belly looks like when you trim the fat?  In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the store labeled as a pork flank steak. 

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7 hours ago, Mironccr345 said:

Man that looks good. What kind of grill grate are you using on that Akorn Jr? 


I ordered the grate from Michael's Custom Grill Works.  I just e-mailed him to get the ball rolling.  I went with the 1/4" spacing and I'm not sure if I had an option on the diameter of the material as well or not - but I feel like I did and went with the heavier one.  Also, I asked him for the J Hook and I'm extremely glad I did because that makes it way easier to maneuver.  It wasn't cheap, but it is super heavy and extremely nice and I don't have to worry about burning the seasoning off the cast iron... 

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