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Married Couples Concoction

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Nothing puts me in mind of fall quite like chili. Though I admit that none of my friends would ever define this as chili as it contains beans and a few other things to ease my conscience and qualify as healthy. Started out with 3lbs of ground turkey that I smoked for 3 hours on the Big Joe. Garlic and jalapenõ, cowbell, mexibelle, poblano and bell peppers that I roasted on the Joe after pulling the turkey, black and kidney beans, white onion, carrot, etc. Topped with red onion, yellow bell pepper- most of which I dropped putting the lid one- and extra sharp cheddar. I unfortunately didn't get a pic of anything on the smoker. Had to snap this picked quickly before the couples devoured the pot.




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17 minutes ago, daninpd said:

I think the silence in the room may involve the inclusion of beans.  Really?  In chili?  Real leathermouth chili does not contain whistle berries.  That's basic cowboy knowledge.


Thus the disclaimer- and the name- concoction and I honestly thought the carrots would garner more disdain. :-D

This is my interpretation of 'chili'. It is also much thicker than just about any other I have eaten. I prefer it that way. Also, I've never had a 'no bean in chili' purist ever not get a second bowl or not ask when I will be making it again. :)


10 minutes ago, mbellot said:

Meh, I can forgive the beans (love red kidney beans in chili).


But ground turkey? Ewwww.




Interesting. Perhaps, you haven't tried it or rather well made turkey chili. Nobody, not a single person had any inkling that it wasn't ground beef until I told them afterward. Amidst the depth of the fresh roma tomatoes, black beans, various fire roasted peppers and garlic, spices and the smoked turkey itself, it would take an extremely discriminating palate to discern that it was in fact turkey. Even the look screams ground beef. And at the end of the day- at 300+lbs- I try to cut the calories / bad fat where I can.

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Whatever you call it, it looks good to me! We make a similar 'concoction' which my family refers to as 'chili'. Ground turkey, black beans, kidney beans, lots of peppers, onion, tomato. Half the family doesn't get along too well with beef, so turkey it is for chili.

But we had a chili celebration at work last week, with several different varieties, and one of the chili's was a more traditional beef chili w/o beans. Man, that was soooo good! Have to admit I haven't had chili like that in awhile, forgot just how good that rich beefy chili could be!

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1 hour ago, TKOBBQ said:

Looks and sounds good, but I will admit you lost me with the black beans.  I've just never acquired a taste for them.


lol. They are part of the whole, adding a distinctively southwest flavor profile, which I needed because the Adobo sauce I usually insert would have made the chili too 'warm' for most of the ladies present.  

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