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Bicyclists with a Wide Toebox

mike echo

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I have changed my pedals out to clipless. A first after 50+ years of riding. Needed to up my cardio work have a better upper body routine.

I chose the Crank Bros Mallet 3 pedals and some Lake brand "wide" 2 bolt, shoes.

My deal was I wanted the same comfort I enjoy with my flat bottom tennis shoes in my bike shoes.


Anyone who is is the LBS business or a long time road rider/racer may not entirely agree with my rant below.


IMO, bicycle clothing sizing bike manufacturers use. I.e. a med. mens T-shirt is like an everyday 2XL in the bicycle world. Shoe sizing is wacked too. If you are anything but a C width size 10, be careful. I have always been one to try a shoe on, and feel the fit. That was not possible to me, so I had to go to online sources.

Remember as you work out,  your foot will expand from exertion so keep that in mind for sizing. I found this out the hard way with blood under a toe and huge discomfort on both feet, after the ride due to the seemingly correct width being too narrow, the seemingly correct length (shoe size) too short.


Breaking in shoes is not really a thing, unless it's leather, as most are made from synthetics that really don't break in. So if it does not feel right, return it, or don't buy.


Lake Cycling has a super sizing chart. I measured my feet as directed in metrics. This was precise and negated the conversion between European sizing, UK sizing and manufacturers not be standardized. I.e. Shimano runs small and that is a known fact even though their charts say otherwise. Ended up with wide, size 50. In my terms in street shoes, 12.5 D. Shimano would call that a size 14, extra super wide, carnival show high arches. Not!


Not all manufacturers use the term wide, They use Mega, high volume etc.etc.  


So anyway,  because of return policies, and sometimes pricing, try Nashbar.com or REI. I have used both and they are real good sellers. Nashbar has a forever guarantee and REI 365 days. Returns to either are painless. Nashbar is online only. LBS are not into REI.  One LBS guy told me if he special ordered a shoe for me, it was an all sales are final deal. Won't go there again. He never even measured my feet. Goofy. Not a good LBS.







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Update. The Lake shoes have been really great. -have done some rigorous short and long distance rides and have 0 foot problems.

Still on the bicycle sizing bandwagon as I have some elves that want to buy me some replacement gear.


I have stated if you gift me anything with the word bicycle associated with it,  go up two sizes.


Needed a torque screwdriver and have found a good one-CDI Torque Control TLA23NM 2-8 NM. This company has been bought by Snap ON Tools and runs @ $65. It can be had for a little less, but my $65 got me Same Day Free Shipping.


That's the other thing. This tool is made for general mechanics. Put the word bicycle on it and the price skyrockets.


Got the tip for the screwdiver from a bike mechanic in the UK (on some bike forum) who has used it extensively.


BTW, we all read varying forums but I have to say, this KG forum is quite good compared to others with some excellent navigation, topics, and high quality posts.



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