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BEER-N-BBQ by Larry

Sous Vide Strip Steak on the PicoBrew Pico Pro

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Hi all,


I recently acquired a PicoBrew Pico Pro electric brewing device to review on my YouTube channel (The Pico Pro: A Hands-On Review) and discovered that it has a sous vide mode built-in.  I couldn't resist giving it a try as you can see in the video below.  Turned out perfectly medium rare and very juicy.  I just wish it had the charcoal flavor it was lacking.



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    • By KamadoJosephine
      I did brisket once before, and it turned out great.  Great, if you were in the mood for some beef jerky, that is...
      Decided to follow a recipe I'd found on Serious Eats (which is one of my go-to sites for Sousing and Videing):
      Got a slab of brisket from my butcher.  In hindsight, it probably had a bit too much of the fat trimmed off it.  Cut it in half so it would fit into the vac bags (and also be size-appropriate for 4 people)

      Rubbed it down with 50/50 salt & pepper mix.  Was listening to Doug Stanhope impersonating Bill Burr at the time, hence the Baaahhstaaawn "PEPPAAAAAHHH" in the thread title  

      Vac sealed it, with the rub on it.

      Into the sous vide for 36 hours at 155F, and then into the fridge for 3 days.
      Out of the fridge ,coming up to room temp - Mmmm, appetising!!!

      Pulled it out of the bag, patted down to remove excess moisture.  Recipe called for more rub, but I decided against it.  Might do it next time to get a better bark...

      Threw it onto the grill at 300F (grill temp, as measured by my trusty Thermowerx Smoke).  Internal probe alarm set for 185F.  Threw in some spuds after 1 hour.  Alarm went off after about 2:15, and it went to 190F after 2:30.  Decided it was time to pull the bugger off and see how we went...

      At this point, I was a giddy as a roofied cheerleader and forgot to take pics...  My most humble apologies...
      The meat was succulent - pulling apart with a fork and the most juicy slab of beefy goodness I've ever tasted.
      The only small disappointment was the relatively thin and/or nonexistent bark.  The outside skin was tasty, and the bark-ish bits were very noice.
      Made a Bourbon Whiskey sauce to go with it.  Not overly sweet, with a nice chili kick courtesy of some ghost pepper sauce.
      Will definitely be doing the other half some time in the next 2 weeks, and will post the update in this thread.
    • By CajunCanuck
      Anova Sous Vide Bluetooth Precision Cooker $99.99 + Free Shipping at Best Buy
    • By KamadoJosephine
      Decided to pop my burger cherry on the KJ the other night.  Was a bit of a crap day, weather-wise and didn't feel like going to too much trouble.
      Had some Wagyu burgers vac-sealed in the freezer.  These are very tasty, but can have issues with un-rendered fat if not cooked properly.  There's no question that a good home-made burger patty will beat a store-bought one, but these are the ones I had, so I sucked it up and played the burger hand I was dealt...  
      Sous Vided them form a few hours at 50C to cook them rare and get rid of the fatty taste:


      Fried up some onions:

      Threw the buggers on the grill and dialled it up to 11:

      Strips of Jalapeno Monterey Jack (yeah I know, big slices are better - again, didn't plan this out).

      Finished product:

      Now let's build the burger.  Onions on the base:

      Then beetroot, because we're not savages:

      Burger deployed, then hit it with sauce:

      Bit of that green stuff:

      Top on, dig in:

      Tasted noticeably better than on the gasser.  Could have done with a slice of tomato & a fried egg, but hey, I've eaten worse burgers!!!
    • By philpom
      Well, here we go!  The other day I was planning meals for the week and of course you need those quick meals for schools nights right?  On a recent mega meat run I picked up a bunch of fresh boneless/skinless chicken breasts.  We thought it would be a good idea to coat several in "roasted Garlic Siracha" seasoning by Tones,  vacuum seal and freeze.  I think it was.  2 days ago I dropped them in to a sous vide water bath at 145f straight from the freezer for 3 hours and placed them back in the fridge.  Tonight I pulled them out and put a nice sear on them using a hot 450f fire on the Primo.  Took only a few minutes and pow!  It was a fast and simple dinner that required minimal prep/time.  I also used a wok with a little oil to whip up some veggies for the tacos.
      Here is how they looked coming out of the bag (I never had to deal with raw chicken, cooked from the previous sous vide bath):

      After a quick high temp sear, the char really added to the flavor, just a few flips:

      And Then I sliced it up for the ready.  Oh and @ckreef look, I cut meat on my beloved wooden board ! and it survived!  HA!  LAF

      Also had to have the veggies, bell peppers and onions,  gotta have them right?

      Good stuff!
    • By John Setzler
      Part of my christmas gift to my mom this year was a dinner for six where she and my dad could have two other couples over for dinner and I would provide and prepare the meal.  I wasn't sure how well this 'gift' idea would go over but after today I know it was a huge success.  

      My mom has my ORIGINAL Kamado Joe Classic.  When I got a different classic, I moved this one to her house where she and my dad cook on it fairly often...
      At any rate, my mom chose prime rib and whatever I wanted to fix with it as her choice for this meal.  I picked up a nice prime rib roast at Costco.

      I tied it up to hold a nice shape and then seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little paprika, and a little granulated garlic and placed it in a vacuum seal bag.  I let that rest in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

      I used my Nomiku sous vide controller to cook this roast at 132°F for 7.5 hours.  After that time was up, I removed the roast from the vacuum seal and patted it dry with paper towels.  I applied a paste I had made of dijon mustard, olive oil, thyme and rosemary to the outside.

      I seared it off on the outside on the cast iron griddle in the Kamado Joe Classic...

      It was cooked to perfection.  This is the first time I have tried a prime rib via sous vide and I would not hesitate to do this again.  I do prefer the rotisserie for this but in today's cook I was more concerned with having dinner on the table at a specific time and this sous vide cook allowed me to do that hassle-free.  
      Before the prime rib went to the grill, I cooked this:

      This is my favorite pie.  It's the peach pie with the filling that includes Grand Marnier and Amaretto... awesome stuff....
      It was a good day... one of those days where I cooked all day  
      For sides on this meal, I made roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, and I also made a horseradish dip to go along with the prime rib for those who wanted it.