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Jealous Devil versus Fogo


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I have a question about lump charcoal and brands. Where I live, the options to buy from a store are limited. I have only used Royal Oak, and the only other one available near me is Cowboy. I have been happy with the Royal Oak, but would like to try something different. I researched Amazon and found Fogo and Jealous Devil. I hear people mention Fogo frequently, and have never heard anyone talk about Jealous Devil. However, on Naked Whiz, Jealous Devil got a higher rating and is a better price per pound on Amazon. In fact, the review of Jealous Devil makes it sound excellent. 


Does anyone have any experience with Fogo and/or Jealous Devil and have an opinion? Thanks!!


P.S. The Amazon price for 70 pounds of Jealous Devil is priced almost the same per pound as what I pay for Royal Oak at Home Depot. 

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I've had 2 bags of Jealous Devil and liked it. See some of my posts here: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/33070-lump/?do=findComment&comment=437272


Hated the bag, but they said they were going to switch from the plastic mesh style to a paper bag. (The Amazon listing says they have a new bag)


I actually just opened the second bag last week. I needed to cook about 40lbs of pulled pork. 


This bag was much like the one I showed in that other post - 3 or 4 large pieces and a ton of medium-small pieces. Slightly smaller than fist sized. The pieces are very heavy for their size - dense stuff. 


I held 275 for over 17 hours on my KK and there was still a fair amount left. I added a bit of RO to the top and cranked it up to about 700 and let it ride for about 2 more hours to clean the grates.


If you can get it for about the same price as RO, I'd say give it a shot. 


ETA: I've used 3 or 4 bags of Fogo. Really dense stuff. Great lump. My biggest complaint with Fogo is too many gargantuan pieces. 

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cschaaf - Thank you for responding! I actually realized my numbers were off, and the Jealous Devil is more expensive than I am paying for Royal Oak, but it is cheaper than either Rockwood and Fogo. Two questions for you about Jealous Devil:


Does it produce noticeably less ash? 


What is your opinion about the smokey smell? Apparently the wood has a distinct smell that some like and some don't like. 


Thanks again!



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Sorry, I'm probably not the best one to answer either of these.


Ash - I don't worry about or measure ash. I tend to have about 2 or 3 different bags of lump open at any one time (almost always have RO and KJ bags open) and mix it up. So it would be impossible for me to know how much ash is created by one brand. 


I also don't empty my ash on any kind of regular schedule. Sometimes I'll do it after every cook. Sometimes I'll get 5 or 6 cooks in before I clean out.


Smokey Smell - I didn't notice anything unusual, but I've never had a great sense of smell. After a sinus infection back in July, my sense of smell (and, unfortunately, taste) has been reduced even further.



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I actually love the Jealous Devil brand and have used several bags. I prefer it over the FOGO only because it is more dense and seems to burn longer to me. The ash amount is about the same as FOGO but less that RO and some of the cheaper brands. The smoke flavor is a very mild one that isn't strong. Good lump in my opinion that works well. I think I have about 2 bags left of it. 

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cschaaf & BOOMSTICK069 - Thank you both! I ordered 70 pounds from Amazon yesterday of Jealous Devil. 


BOOKSTICK069 - I actually found your comments about JD on another post, and it helped inspire me to place the order. I am very impressed by the information on their website, and am really anxious to try it out. I am very happy if it does produce less ash than RO. That is the one thing about RO I don't like. Also, it seems to me that the RO burns pretty fast. 


cschaaf - Sorry about the smell thing. I've had my share of sinus problems! For the most part, I only hear good things about the smell of the JD smoke. 



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Can't wait to hear what you think, @brandon78I think you'll like it. Given the choice and considering the price, I'd buy JD over Fogo for sure.


I've never really had sinus problems until this summer. We went to China and I had sinus trouble for about a month after that trip. I got that cleared up, but my sense of smell has been reduced; and it wasn't great to begin with. It has to be a really strong smell for me to pick it up.


I hate hate hate the smell of coffee.. It usually turns my stomach at about 50 years away.. but I just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning out my wife's coffee grinder for her. Didn't smell a thing ;)


My sense of taste has diminished too. When we got back, I could eat a spoon of vinegar or horseradish without making a face. It was fun in a 'hey, watch this' way a few times, but I went probably three weeks without tasting anything I ate. It's gotten better, but not back to where it used to be.

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@cschaaf I found out that JD is shipped out of Southern California, not very far from me. I ordered it late on Thursday and it will arrive today. I love knowing I can get it quickly. That is just an extra bonus! I am smoking a pastrami tomorrow, so I think it will be my first use of JD. 


I guess there can be pros and cons to diminished smell! We have an English Bulldog... there are times I wish my sense of smell was weaker. But I do know any sinus problem can take many months to heal. 


I will keep you posted on the JD! Have a great weekend and holiday!

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I used Jealous Devil for the first time yesterday. Here are my initial thoughts. First, I was very impressed when I opened the bag. The pieces were quite large when compared to Royal Oak. (See the first picture.) I filled up my new Primo Junior (its first run too) as much as I could, leaving enough room for the deflector plates to be in place. (See the second picture.) 


Second, lighting the JD took longer than RO. However, there were no small pieces in the Junior, which I found light so much easier. I had to light medium sized pieces, which do take longer. The JD also produced smaller sparks than the RO when lighting with my Looflighter. I was hoping for none, but that may not be possible with this method of lighting. 


Third, there was a distinct difference in the smell of the smoke. I do understand why some people have called it a "chemical" smell, but I liked it and it absolutely had no negative influence on the food I smoked. 


Fourth, I never had the white, billowing smoke that I have had with RO in the past. It was a very clean burn. 


Fifth, the Junior maintained temperature with no problem, but I have found the same with RO. I would be interested to see how the two would compare in a less efficient smoker, but have no desire to use anything other than my Primos. 


Sixth, I was absolutely shocked this morning when I opened up the Junior to check on the remaining JD charcoal. There is a ton left over. (See the third picture compared to the second.) The cook was around 4.5 to 5 hours, and just a little was burned. If for no other reason, the efficiency of the JD won me over. While it might cost more than RO, I bet it is cheaper in the long-run. 





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Good stuff!! I'm glad that you liked it and are satisfied with it. When it comes to lighting the lump, just place some of the small RO over the bigger pieces of the JD. This will help you get going faster and easier and there won't be enough RO in there to affect the smoke or the flavor. I do it regularly without any issues. 

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As an update, I used Jealous Devil in my Primo Large for a low and slow cook yesterday. I filled the firebox and kept the Primo at 250 for 17 hours. I don't have a before picture, but once again, I was shocked when I opened the grill this morning to see how much charcoal was left. I am so impressed. I would say there was 25% left, meaning I could have gotten another 4, maybe 5, hours. 


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I have never tried the Jealous Devil lump but I am a big fan of Fogo. I always order it direct from Fogo, when they have a sale. My other choice is KJ Big Block when I can get it at a roadshow. I stopped using Royal Oak, even though it's cheap, because it changed from what it was and I started getting way too many small pieces and it started giving off lots of white smoke when it was getting started.

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