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    • By arclite
      Hello? Is there anybody out there?
      I've had a couple not so great low and slows this season using Made in USA Royal Oak lump. 
      I was thinking on trying FOGO but not sure if the Super Premium lump will be too big for the Junior? The Primo Junior really isn't a small cooker like the BGE Minimax or smaller Kamado Joe's because of the oval design, yet it isn't a super deep firebox. Has anybody have experience with the Fogo lump on a Primo Junior?
      Are there any other suggestions for premium lump for a Primo Junior?
    • By HeadhunterMike
      HEB - a Texas based grocery store has Central Market lump charcoal for $12.96 for 20# bag.  What I liked about this was the large pieces of lump, not the small broken pieces you find so often.
      Good luck
    • By T Yelta
      Okay, so I couldn't help myself either
      Seriously, $74 is a great deal for this grill.  I'll probably take it to my father's house for Sunday cooks and grab it now and then for tailgating.

      I got a lot of hickory (I sure hope it's really hickory) and I plan on cutting it into chunks.  That much will last me a great while.  Two bags of Royal Oak as well.  Everything was less than the retail price of the Jr. alone.  I call that a win.
    • By later4ya
      Got a late start to dinner tonight... cutting up root vegetables...

      washing the chicken... ready to spatchcock...

      added some garlic, salt, pepper, lemon pepper... basil to come...

    • By Guerillah
      Hey guys, I found a pretty good deal on some 50% off Char Broil Center Cut Lump for $10.99 for 11 lbs from Lowe's. I sweetened the deal by buying 2 Lowe's $15 off $50 online purchase Lowes coupons off eBay for a total of $1.60. I made two online purchases of 5 for pickup (so I could maximize savings from each coupon) for a grand total of $80 ($81.60 with coupon purchase) before tax for 110lbs of lump.
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