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My wife and i were in True Value the other day. They actually have a pretty good kitchen section, and I can't seem to get out of the store without going through it looking for somenting new and interesting. I have a few Microplane graters but this new Microplane offering caught my eye. The bottom section that holds a Microplane blade is made of soft silicone that is designed to bend and flex as you drag it over an orange, lemon, or lime. The idea is to hold the blade level and in contact with the skin of the rounded fruit.  It produces a zest equal in quality to my other Microplane graters, but  seems easier to use in the zesting process, and it keeps all the zest neatly contained. I use lemon, orange, and lime zest in my herb preps for especially chicken, other polutry, and fish. I really like the Flexi Zesti and can see it becoming my zesting go to grater, and on top of that,  it was less than $10.00. I think this may be a new product in the Microplane line, I haven't seen these before the other day. 







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