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Brisket On; Turkey In Waiting

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Very thankful that the pecan mini logs I ordered on Friday showed up in basically two business days instead of the eight they projected. Got an unbelievable price on them plus free shipping.




One 20lb turkey and one brisket just shy of 17lbs. I find that I am trimming more fat off of Costco Prime briskets than any other brisket I come across. It is a gret product however.




Brisket properly peppered and salted- threw it on the grill @ 11:30pm. Problably will put the turkey on @ 9am for a 1pm early dinner time.



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2 hours ago, baconator said:

are you using the pecan logs in your Joe with lump?


Yes, as my smoking wood. They are basically large chunks... worked out well


This cook kicked my butt. Normally, I would be comfortable sleeping through the night but, I was trying to get the Costco Turkey thawed and preparing sides... And this brisket just didn't want to get done in time. The turkey was so cold the Joe struggled for more than almost 90 minutes to get back above 250°. Would definitely start the brisket sooner aand cook the turkey separate next time.






Turkey was amazing; brisket was good...



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2 hours ago, baconator said:

wow those are nice.  Any issues with the turkey taking on too much smoke?  i know pecan is pretty mild though.  I used to think i was over smoking pultry but it was actually getting a acrid taste from too many drippings on the diffuser. now i know to always use a drip pan. 


No but, I put the turkey on near the end of the brisket cook and much of the pecan had been consumed by that point. I used three but, I normally use a few more chunks than many of the videos I see on the forum. I can't shake my stickburner past and I prefer a little more smoke. The last had just started to burn when I pulled the turkey off.

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